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  1. I've got shadows, dynamic light and glow all off and the game runs smooth as silk. I don't even notice they're gone really.
  2. When i was doing that duel, Rosh and I almost tore the place apart... every column was cut through. After i beat it i gave up for the night, I didn't realize i'd been at it nearly 7 hours straight.
  3. I had dual sabers (Both Green with the Defender Hilt, if anyone cares) and I managed to get into a saber lock with one of the Cultists, i kept tapping the mouse button over and over, my character threw one of the lightsabers around his back around the left hand side and it sliced the Cultists arm off. It happened so fast i didn't have time to get a screen shot, but it was by far the coolest saber move I've seen yet. I don't know if anyone else has seen this yet, but it literally made me sit there in awe with my jaw on the floor.
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