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  1. yes I do- sorry it's the wrong forum- I'll post under mapping-
  2. is it possible to make a trigger that activates a cheat code? if so how thanks for anyhelp= TK
  3. all those saber only servers are so annoying it is so much funner to play on gun servers yeah you arn't the only one
  4. He put away yuns yellow saber didn't he?? anyway green is cool when you have been playing with blue the whole game but going back to blue after playing for long time with red of something:atat: all in all green is better:fett:
  5. govf_5k

    am codes

    hi I was recently playing when I saw people punching and sitting down during the game. I asked about this and they told me about these am codes that make your cherecter do different things. I know some of these codes but I would be interested in knowing more. If anyone has a compleat list of these codes and could post them that would be excellent. thanx govf_5k:fett:
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