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  1. Near the shack with boarded up windows...
  2. I thought I read at mixnmojo or something that it was in EBgames Top 10 game list?
  3. Nah, doesn't look like it's intentional... could be wrong, though. I didn't notice it until you pointed it out atleast...
  4. I really liked the Black Velvet level but it wouldn't be in my top three list of favourite levels in the game. Every level was awesome, though...
  5. The feather can be used to see the camp from different perspectives... I think that's it's sole purpose anyway... and tickling people.
  6. A Double Fine RPG would kick ass. I can't wait for whatever they're doing next...
  7. But that's like if there was a Grim sequel we wouldn't have Psychonauts. I guess Psychonauts leaves itself more open to a sequel, though.
  8. Well Psychonauts has proven that he can bring his awesome story telling and comedic abilities to any genre...
  9. What's not to love about Gloria's level? 'Mother, Mother, Tell me true - of the dad I never knew', 'He was brave in thought and deed, can't you here his noble steed?' (Something like that anyway. ) Also trying the different plays on different sets. Hilarious! When I try to rank the levels to find a favourite I can't cause they were all so great. I liked Boyd's conspiracy theories, though.
  10. I voted for Gloria's Theater which is one of my favourite's - when you really think about it the first portion of the area takes place exclusively in two or three rooms. It gives backstory to Gloria while giving you clear and original objectives. Plus it's damn hilarious. I voted for the summer camp and asylum as well. Although it was 'grounded in the real world' it also had this awesome, cartoonish art direction - it felt like a totally real place and was always fun to explore. You got back story about characters and locations through exploring. Also the twisting level design of the asylum was great as well.
  11. Well I ordered from EBgames and it shipped with UPS. EBgames got it before GameStop I think. For you guys who are still waiting: It's worth waiting for... One of the best games I've played in a long time...
  12. I'm not sure about the UK, but it took 4 days to ship to Australia with EBgames... I'm not sure the difference in distance, though... If anything it will probably arrive in the UK quicker...
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