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  1. Wait, you CAN'T run vanilla EaW through the old exe file?
  2. I will not forgive XBOXs until they release halo 2 for the PC. I mean, come on! Seriously, I can't see Empire at War being functional for the 360.
  3. Well, you can't complain if you're lazy :-) i'm suprised that petro is as responsive to the community as it is. A snottier company would just say, "You have the xml, fix it yourself." I remember little about programming from my class and even I can beef up a star destroyer lol!
  4. Aren't Tie defenders better than B-Wings? I mean, they're faster and they have an enormous payload. B-wings just have an enormous payload.
  5. A-Wings and Tie Defenders... I'm not sure that that is necessary, correct, or fair. I mean, TIE Defenders are too sweet to be stealable. But when did anyone actually steal these ships? Ah, whatever. Why both the maurader and the broadside though? They're identical; it seems redundant.
  6. ISD's work just fine. Has anyone noticed them being grossly deficient in firepower? Because I have not. Of course, if you really want ISD's to be the invincible juggernaughts they are in canon... X. M. L. One star destroyer varient that I made had enhanced shields, additional weapons hardpoints stacked on top of their basic ones, and lots more fighters. Imbalanced? Sure Bloody fun for someone who enjoys seeing a stardestroyer kick the living crap out of several enemy ships? Definitely I really love petro for the XML thing... Let's me throw balance right out the door when I want to... Not to say that I never play with balanced settings; I usually do. LOL
  7. Well. That sucks. I mean, in Return of the Jedi, Vader isn't even on the Executor half the time. He's either on Endor or on the Death Star. Well, poo, i'll just have to XML piett to be in total command of the executor while having vader fly around independently in his little tie fighter. BTW, in the tie fighter games he does fly in a tie defender. I'm pretty sure that the executor is operational at this point.
  8. Looks awesome! Just one question on the whole flagship thing: In Empire at War, when Boba Fett/Darth Vader are on a planet, Slave I/Tie Advance isn't in space anymore. This won't happen with these big flagships i.e. merciless/executor, right? Also, you will have to pay for these, right? Otherwise, it would be kinda stupid. I mean, the executor just vanashing into thin air just to put a sith lord on the planet? I just wanted to make sure.
  9. Um, yeah, it was most certainly a joke. Made me chuckle a bit too. *cough*
  10. Having the Executor be for free would be stupid. I don't care if it takes all of the pop cap points. Besides we saw in the demo video the executor with star destroyers (although this was only a demo). Heck, I have my pop cap boosted wayyy up when I play single player! No, we will probably have to buy the bloody great ship; all I know is that Vader better be flying around in his tie advance. Although, wouldn't it be cool if a) he could fly in a tie defender like in TIE fighter, and/or b) he could use force powers from his ship a la Jedi Starfighter?
  11. A couple of nights ago, there was a live dev chat on xfire. Where's the transcript? Anybody know?
  12. Sorry, your posts are kinda dense lol Nuking the battlefield would be fun once or twice. But yeah, gotta love Petro for giving people the right to do what they want to with a game.
  13. I believe that yall are missing a very important point here. Three wonderful, simple letters: X. M. L. Using this wonderful code will allow the Rust Lords of the world to simply mod their Consortium bombardments to their E3 levels. Or request said mod on the modding forums. If you want your grossly overpowered bombardments, you can still get them.
  14. I do admit that it is very innovative. But there's gotta be a way to tweak it whether Petro does it or some rogue modder (perhaps myself?) does it. I just think that there has to be a better way. The two sides are already distinctive; their technology upgrade methods don't have to be super different in order to distinguish the sides. I dunno. The game seems to work well enough with the system it already has.
  15. One of the things I hope that Petro changes is how the rebellion gets their tech. R2 and C-3PO There are so many things wrong with this. First, it sucks that one unit is responsible for the technology of an ENTIRE FACTION! Second, it's grossly inaccurate. The rebels got their tech by updating older equipment and by utilizing whatever ships/vehicles/equipment came with the folks who defected to their side, NOT by stealing it all from the Empire. That's what the new Zann Consortium does. The rebellion is an underworld of sorts, but it should have a better way of getting its tech. Their own research stations, limited in that they can only research one thing at a time, suplemented by R2 and OTHER DROIDS! I mean, they must have had other droids, right? Sure R2 and C-3PO have been through a lot, but while they do have spunk, surly other droids could get some tech, right?
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