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  1. So you and another dude on your team killed another person on the other team together and they got mad? One thing--I thought you could only boot people on your own team. (i.e. someone on your team deliberatly kills you so you boot him) But besides that, if you only did it once, then that is OK, but it's kind of wrong if possibly the two of you were sitting there waiting for someone to come by so that you could take them out instantly--that would be very annoying--but it sound like you just by chance were both in the area and attacked at the same time--which isn't wrong--so yeah.
  2. I probably won't play it online once I get the game. One reason is that my internet connection disconnects randomly and I don't want that to happen while I'm in a game. Secondly, I played the Beta version and it didn't run well anyway when the connection was connected. Then there was this one instance....I was playing Space Yavin and I was Imperial so I spawned and went and got in one of the turrets. So I was shooting at rebels for a while and then suddenly I die because one of my teamates killed me. Well, I blew it off and just posted typed a little reminder "Don't kill yor own teammates guys" and then went back to the turrets again. Then suddenly I get killed again--same guy too. So, I wrote "Hey, stop killing your own teammates". And then a poll popped up to kick ME for killing my teammates. I was like "Hey, it wasn't me!" and then I got kicked. And that's a reason I probably won't play online.
  3. No, it was Episode IV and it was "Always emotion the future is." At least I think it is...
  4. Got it put onto the skeleton-just have to fix some textures(which is one reason the cape isn't there, I turned it off because the textures on it aren't finished).
  5. Here's a rendering of the texturing for darth's General Grievous--about 2/3 of the rendering is finished:
  6. That's really good--one problem though--what in the world is wrong with his stomach? It doesn't slope inward at all-is that just your design or is that how you percieved it?
  7. wow, didn't even notice those---it's usually the legs or the torso that give the problems with scale.
  8. that's some good modeling, and everything looks the right size, torso--everything. That'll look awsome in-game.
  9. I've done a bunch of character models so I can probably help you get it in-game. That galaxies reference can probably help with the texturing since it is pretty close to how it should be, although on the modeling some of it isn't quite right (I really hate how his face looks on the Galaxies reference). Anyway, good modeling
  10. It'll look awsome in-game, I really like the eyes:drop2:
  11. I'm going to use the OJP vehicle code, basically it makes it like the droideka---but I'll start up a thread for that when I have something substantial to show.
  12. How's this as a reference: (It's from the Star Wars Galaxies Expansion---I did not make it but it shows a lot of views of GG)
  13. As far as I know he never said that he was doing a cartoon version--maybe you misunderstood what he said, he said that he watched the cartoons and it made him want to make grievous---the real version---but it never hurts to have more than one version so keep at it---the only thing I can say is that it looks like a high poly count--remember that you want to keep each mesh object to <500 polys so that it will generate shadows and <1000 or carcass won't do it, the head looks pretty high-poly for a game model.
  14. it would be the real version--which would probably be easier anyway--now all we need is an Utapau map...
  15. Finally...I was even thinking of doing it myself---but instead I guess I'll do the Grievous' Wheelbike instead (that's it, I claim the wheelbike now )
  16. Wow, really nice, I can't really see anything else that needs to be done, but of course, there probably is something.
  17. I can make you a coruscant skybox really easily from 3ds Max---just tell me if you want anything besides the planet (like ships or something).
  18. I figured out the .md3 thing, I had to use Milkshape 3D though. It didn't really matter though because I was just using the md3s for explosion pieces and they only work on the Jedi Starfighter, I tried it on the tri-fighter but when it exploded the game froze, I guess it was too many polys or something. BTW-I've put up the full pack of all three ships on pcgamemods Hopefully I can do more stuff...
  19. I'm working on the other models, trying to fix the explosions and whatnot.
  20. I've just put up the New Jedi Starfighter on pcgamemods http://www.pcgamemods.com/11918/
  21. Well, I exported the md3's from Max 5 and then put them in the same folder as the textures, loaded up md3view and of course it shows up without textures, so I made a skin file for the model and loaded it up in md3view and they're in there, and then I export the md3 from there expecting that it will keep the texture paths, but if I reopen that new md3(it saves it over the old one) it comes up without and textures...I've done this before, I don't know what's wrong...
  22. I'm trying to make the explosion effects right now but I'm having trouble with the md3's because for some reason they don't want to keep their textures. I got the Lego Star Wars game so that will help in some stuff.
  23. I've tried twice, it doesn't work, there is no way the Lego figure can fit on the JK skeleton without looking horribly bad.
  24. Here's a pic of the Droid Tri-fighter ingame along with the Coruscant environment map that I made.
  25. I planning on making all of them as high-quality 3D models that won't be used in the game, but I'm also hoping to make other map things, like these models are for a map of the space battle, which has the Liberty Star Destroyer, and then the Trade Federation ship. Then, I'd like to do a Utapau map with vehicles of Grievous' Wheelbike and of the Boga that Obi-wan rides, and then maybe a Kashyyyk map with vehicles for that.
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