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  1. Last time i signed onto these forums it was 2005 and i was thirteen and im sure no one who was on then will be on now but anyways thanks for the memories and for putting up with me haha.
  2. lots of memory so me and my friends can get the stupid server running... (check sig)
  3. w00t! yay narnia! i read all 7 when i was 10 but i cant remember much so im gonna read em again before the next eragon book comes out.
  4. i was in kenya in the middle of no where when we flew to nairobi (capital) and in the plain there were news papers. at that time its was 21000 when we arrived(bout a half hour later) it was 22500. we went from nairobe to johanasburg (sp?) (cap. of southafrica) and slept there. from johanasburg to cape town, waited an hour and the a six hour flight to argentina and on the flight it was 65000 and i just got back and found out that its at 76000 it really sucks:( its probably gonna top 100000 and they say that around 100000 more are gonna die of diseases 9 people died in kenya i think some of the storys were really hard to read
  5. woot hehe any one wanna make it with a little more detail
  6. halo2 sig master chief and arbiter any background will do
  7. yeah i remember pie, i dont know what happened to it @ sabre: school, i was goin in to 6th and i moved to argentina about a year ago so because of the language itwas really hard and my real name isnt rick its santiago
  8. yeah some of you dont know me or remember me... soo yeah hi
  9. umm i get good grades (7-9 out of 10(pass with 7)) and get in trouble alot i dont goof off in PE and im pretty good at soccer i talk about computers and stuff ummm what is a nymphomaniac? or do i even want to know?
  10. i'm 11 turning 12 in august and i'm (look at sig)
  11. landing near the edge after being force pushed by rick, the dark jedi started slashing like a madman. Rick was forced to jump back but as he landed the dark jedi rolled towards him and as he came out of the roll he tried to stab rick with HIS right saber. rick quikly dodged to the left and pushed the red saber away, seeing the oportunity, he slided his saber down the dark jedis saber until he got to the hilt, he kept going... he stood over the dark jedi who was screaming because 1. his saber exploded in his hand 2. half of his right arm had been ripped off
  12. you can celebrate your fifth month ainiversery in june congrats ty!!!
  13. Location: Yodas swamp The Rogue Nation of Uloland is a tiny, economically powerful nation, renowned for its compulsory military service. Its compassionate, hard-working population of 5 million enjoy some of the most opulent lifestyles in the region, unless they are unemployed or working-class, in which case they are variously starving to death or crippled by easily preventable diseases. The tiny, liberal, pro-business government juggles the competing demands of Commerce, Defence, and Social Welfare. Income tax is unheard of. A powerhouse of a private sector is led by the Information Technology, Beef-Based Agriculture, and URANIUM MINING INDUSTRIES. Crime is a major problem, probably because of the country's utter lack of prisons. Uloland's national animal is the cheetah and its currency is the zeroni.
  14. You said "grow up". I think part of growing up is not posting things to try get attention.
  15. my's answer: because he had just stolen some big, shiny, diomend and the police were following him EPILOGUE(sp?) chiken was about to get caught by police when he was crushed by Ferrarri. why did the duck cross the road?: 'cause the chiken was on vacation.
  16. welcome to LF, have a good time and bow down before me post alot! i am the youngest (and probably most mature) member on LF. sabre, if you forget me in the list of members ill... give you an angry smiley
  17. im really sorry to hear that rp at least she lived a long life the last time i read a thread of somebody dieing was only 3 days ago however, this dosent make me that sad, im actually happy because its nice to hear that somebody lived a long, hopefully pleasent, life
  18. (((then i should delete it))) "i agree, no use waiting to be discovered"
  19. WWWHAAATTTTT?!?!?!? your letting her get sneak peeks and not me?!?!?!?!?!! ive known you since the day i registered!!!!!! you were my rolemodel for RPing!!!!!!!!!!!! j/k (actually shadow was buuuuuuuut... he left) (to anyone who wants to know who shadow is: my RPing rolemodel, cool, nice guy)(i miss him ) oh and good work on the fanfic, i like it alot
  20. it is really sad to hear that that happened. its sorta funny; even though i havent even seen him i can still cry about it. i am glad that you had a good time at the party and i hope you can forget about the loss and remember the good things. what do i know, im only 11 years old
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