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  1. Holy shizzle, my thread turned out to be HYOOGE! I rock! Apparently people agree that the saber needs fixing! Please Raven, look into the balance issues discussed here for your upcoming patch! Thanks for the hard work!
  2. Did you use guns in SP, Al? I didn't... Except for the level where your light saber gets taken away.. I didn't use a gun for anything else.. Sabers ARE the reason this game exists.
  3. I will post the consensus gripes in the Raven Forums sometime later today..
  4. Raven, WE, the Majority of JA players who visit the LucasArts forums, think there are balance issues with the sabers! Please look into this when you fix the server issues! You don't get it, do you Al. I figured someone of your omnipotence would have read my post earlier saying that servers are not showing up on the master list. I bet there are plenty of NG FF S/O CTF servers out there (Including mine) That go on and off of the server list. I haven't seen my server on the list for almost a week, because of whatever bug Raven has. (and YES, I PAID for my copy of JA.) OBVIOUSLY, Raven is going to put out a fix for that. There have been countless people IN THESE FORUMS that have pointed out the flaws with the current saber system. Some of them say, 'Oh well, yeah it's flawed but I still kill people,' and that's great. They are still admitting that the saber system is flawed, which is the bone that I'm picking here. I wanted to see if others agreed with me regarding saber damage/balance. I don't think there have been any people who have disagreed with my statements of what I've noticed re: making contact with another person, damage dealth, hi force cost moves being very easy to avoid, certain moves being useless, (Red and Yellow DFA's due to either not hitting, or super low damage) and the fact that the dual sabers and light staff have become what people call "a noob stick" allowing them to spam attack and kill others very easily, no skill involved. (Not saying that it doesn't take skill to use those, but someone with the same level of skill as a single saberist using the dual sabers or light staff would win most of the time just due to damage dealt/blocking issues) So, Raven needs this information. Does that mean that they will patch right away? No. Does that mean that when Raven patches that they will look at this thread for information? I sure hope so.
  5. There is also a thread about how single saber is nerfed You can post your opinions of single saber there as well.. I agree that it is not as powerful as the dual sabers or the light staff.
  6. *yawn* so 5 people say don't patch now.. Read what I said, this thread is about discussing the imbalance of single sabers compared to the dual sabers and the light staff. READ, Al, READ. There is a BUG and an ISSUE with SERVERS not DISPLAYING properly in the MASTER LIST. Raven WILL release a patch to fix that. I am saying look into the other gripes so that they can release a GOOD and not PARTIAL patch. gg. Spider Al and 4 or 5 others don't trust RAVEN to make a GOOD patch! The rest of us DO!
  7. This thread has nothing to do with kick, it was a topic regarding saber damage, and what we'd like looked into when they are planning their patch. There NEEDS to be a patch to fix the server issues (not showing up in master list) So I'm sure that they'll throw in some other stuff with that patch, so we need to get the information out about what we see wrong with game play as fast as we can. I played a bunch of NF duels yesterday, and I noticed this: When I swing my saber against the dual sabers or light staff, if they do a quick swing while I'm in the middle of mine, they totally deflect my blow. I did an overhead red slash (not dfa) while someone was going into a roll, he did not hit me with it, but my saber just bounced and went back to default position, my slash incomplete and doing no damage. This happens a lot with different types of slashes, but I only have this problem (non-roll I mean) with the dual sabers and the light staff. In watching the duels I saw yesterday, the servers cycled through about 25 people, and 3 out of those 25 used single sabers. Novelty? Or did the coders of the dual sabers and light staff consider them their *babies* and make them a little more powerful... I design areas and items for an online role-playing game. Before I implememnt my work, I have to check to see if it's balanced with the rest of the game. My items can't be too powerful, or they are denied. If I make something that's better than what's currently there, then everyone is going to want to use it, and there will be complaints from the people that liked the previous item, hence, I can only make things up to and equal to what is currently in existance. I do not feel that all of the sabers are equal, or balanced. That is/was the point of this thread, to point out to Raven the flaws that we see in saber combat with single sabers. Spider Al and a couple others say NO to premature patching! The other 20 people who've posted problems re: saber damage in this thread say please incorporate saber fixes with your server patch!
  8. Nono Raven.. Spider Al says no to premature patching! The rest of us say PATCH AWAY! what is this 'we' bullcrap?
  9. Mephisto said he can have his own opinions that he wants others to see, so... We want Raven to see our opinions too. 90% of the people are screaming for a patch, I think the 10% minority will be overruled.
  10. Great post, BabyWax, thank you for the information, again it's what I'm looking for.
  11. Yeah, a lot of people are noticing that their hits don't register. Maybe this will be fixed in the first PATCH.
  12. By the frequency and length of your posts, you being stapled to your desk, I would assume that you spend more time researching other people's posts to play the game, hence my statement that weiner dog probably has played more than you. To change the subject, I've been playing SP a lot, and I've noticed that pull stab is about the most abuseable move in the game. Sofreakingeasy. Is pull stab in MP? I haven't tried it, my work schedule has been really abusive this week, no time to really get into a good MP game. If pull-stab works in MP, then that might help kill a flag carrier, but I have yet to see it work in MP.. Anyway, so far we have the majority of people saying that the single saber is not as powerful as the dual sabers or light staff. People's main argument is that they are good with the single saber and they can still kill people, that's great so can I... but it doesn't change the facts of what I'm saying... 4 hits with heavy red kills, while 1 hit from a light staff or dual sabers kills... What happens when someone becomes as proficient with dual sabers/light staff as someone is with the single saber? It is my opinion that at that point, the light staff/dual sabers will prove to be out of balance, as skill in hitting will not be the issue, but damage/blocking will be. Red DFA is incredibly finicky, the hit/damage range seems to be very minute.. rarely hits and does little damage when it does.. Yellow DFA is useless, it doesn't really hit.. Blue lunge is the same as JO. Anyone disagree that this is what has been said and agreed on by most?
  13. I think the JA roll is a bit slower than the JO roll...
  14. Well skinnypoo that wasn't what I was looking for, a bit abrasive.. But ok, you think the single saber needs work, thanks for your support.
  15. You can move a little bit during the kata, but only during certain parts of it, and you can't aim your saber up or down, or even do a 180 really.. a lot of times the people you're trying to kata just jump over you or something.. being able to aim it through the entire kata would be better imo
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