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  1. Well if i can get some people to join this forum i can be a mod. So could you guys please join then post in the thread in the General boards started by me called, Post here if i sent for you. Thanks alot. Paintball City If you play paintball pose what gun you have here. I have a Tippmann 98 Custom with alot of upgrades.
  2. Who here plays paintball? If you do what gun and upgrades do you have? And just talk away about paintball!!!!!!!!! Well i have a Tippmann 98 Custom w/ a double trigger, 12" dye aluminum barrel, and a 12v revvy. For Christmas im getting a RT(Response Trigger), ACI expansion chamber, a Psycho Ballistic bullest drop foward, and a Dead on Rocket Cock II.
  3. Clan Name: New Jedi Council Clan Website: http://njcclan.proboards20.com Open To Challenges: Not yet, will hopefully soon Recruiting: Yes. Leader: ShweeBop Tag: -)NJC(- Server: We currently have no server, and could use someone that can supply one for the clan that is free and dedicated.
  4. Our clan is a couple months old now. We have 17 members. We like to play duel, FFA and Team FFA. We currently dont have a server and would be very thankful to someone who can supply us with a free dedicated server. If you would like to join go to NJC Chat at the forum and go to the thread Wanna Join. ~Thank you~ Our Forum <---- click here to go to our forum
  5. My clan is doing very well right now. -)NJC(- (New Jedi Council) check us out at http://njcclan.proboards20.com
  6. A friend of mine is cant get his dedicated server to work. He says that he cant get the firewall down... and is there anyway to disable it on a Netgear MR814v2 Wireless Router? ~Thanks~
  7. if u wann join go to my forum ^^^^
  8. We are a clan for JK:JA... We are gonna be playing whatever the members agree on... This is out forumhttp://njcclan.proboards20.com ( we have more members than that are signed up)...
  9. Hi. I made a clan called New Jedi Council ([NJC]) we currently have like 5 members. We are looking for more members so if you wanna join post here... We dont have a server at the moment so if you could support a server that would be great... Thanks:jedijawa:
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