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  1. Thanks! Many thanks! I'll try to get some members...
  2. Hurry, delete this post! It's dangerous! There is a new edition with both for about 10$ I think...
  3. Well, I've set up a little forum that I simply call "Nar Shaddaa Cantina" for now. There is alot of people out there who wishes to have a classic Jedi Knight fight, and I'm one of them. I do not think that this will be big, but hopefully there will be some members ready to fight any minute. Here's the forum: http://nscmortrouge.proboards30.com And please... Help me with this... (P.S My name is Mort Rouge on the forum, as I am named on all other things exept Lucasforums.)
  4. Well, Ive got an idea. Let's create a website like that. Anyone in for it? Anyway, fight me! I havent fighted since... OMG... I don't know when... :eek:
  5. You could fight me, I'm always up for a good old JK1 fight !
  6. Let's have a JK1 Tournament! With much mods and stuff! We could set up a new forum and arrange fights! Yay! Does it sound like a good idea?
  7. Watch my sig, dude. Whoa! I'm back!
  8. There is NO ONE to play this old good game! I mean, why don't we create some comunity of some sort there we could settle matchs? Anyone care for a match:D?
  9. Agent, it have happened alot of times to me, try to reinstall. Else, check the sites fourm in the bug section. So... Anyone wanna fight?
  10. Dragonball Z: The Destruction is Real! Total conversion for JK1. http://www.hellraiser64.com/tdir/index2.php
  11. Okay, the Enchance replaces all weapons, making them WONDERFULL with a 3:rd fire and a Device that can give you laseraim, heatseaking and more! NinjaKage will exchange the lightsaber with a ninjasword wich is funner! You will also get throwing knives and new force power, not to forget the skins! Both must haves!
  12. Dawidos, have you downloaded the MS Zone Program? For mods, look in my sig.
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