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  1. MOTS is truly dead. JK still has a few breaths of life in it. About 50 people play it online a day, so i would call that still living. Shame though, mots was a great game.
  2. Hey hey hey!! Don't be rude. At least he is trying to bring back the JK community. I haven't seen u do anything. Anyway... I'll be sure to chek it out some time, and i'll put it under the links page on my forums.
  3. I remember Zone hosting a tournament a while back for JK. I guess if you want a tourney, give a M+ a email and tell them what you want. I guess thats the best u can do.
  4. I have only seen massassi as the greatest place for JK mods. Perhaps people should submit files they found on massassi? With the authors permission of course, but massassi could always use new mods (Gotta love SBX and KWP).
  5. MSN Zone is a good place (From 12-4 EST). Lot of people on then. I remember once it got up to 50 players. I would check there at that time period for a game.
  6. I have only played MOTS once online. I am suprised that there are no places to play MOTS onmine, not even microsoft Gaming Zone has it anymore (but they still have Jedi Knight). So im wondering if anyone knows a good place to play it or if it is just dead and about no one plays it anymore.
  7. thx guys. Massassi does have a lot of Jedi Knight mods. And SBX3.1 RULES!
  8. I am new to the Jedi Knight game. I have completed it and now i want to know what cool mods i could play with it now. So tell me what u think!
  9. YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD A PIRATED GAME???? AND YOU ARE ASKING WHERE BY POSTING IN LUCASFORUMS! HAHAHA! I LAUGH! You are asking to be banned! Here's what you do. Email your local police angency, give them your name, phone#, adress, and what u r trying to do. Im sure you'll get what u deserve.
  10. i think SBX3.1 is the coolest but KWP is definently right behind it.
  11. i heard that there was a secret level for JK too..........
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