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  1. Well, I think you will like this one: http://abolisher.xwlegacy.net/main.htm
  2. Hello, if you are interested to custom missions for XWA I sugegst you to check out the TIE Corps. They have about 3500 new missions and most of them (95% I'd say) are set after the Battle of Endor. TIE Corps homepage: http://www.ehtiecorps.org/ TIE Corps mission compendium: http://www.ehtiecorps.org/battles/battletypes.asp There are also many new ships for XWA like the Scimitar bomber, the Sovereign-class destroyer or the MC-90 I hope it helps!
  3. yea, and when dueling don't forget to activate chat and type "hp?"
  4. No way, I have a h0n0rz web browser C'mon people, game is made for force regen = 200, use the freacking default setting
  5. Maybe with the incoming release of RotS they will make a new JK game What I'd really love to see in the new game is a heavily hardcoded routine that kicks any player who says the word "lamer" and that forces the game to auto-uninstall from a server when the "forceregen" value is changed.
  6. The author's description alone is gold, great stuff p.s play JA FFA as it's meant to be played: guns, sabers and FF.
  7. Clan Name: Dark Brotherhood [EHDB] Site: http://www.ehdb.net/ Forum: http://mb.emperorshammer.net/index.php Leader: GM Darth Nocturnus Co Leaders: Scoser Clan Email: scoser<at>iastate<dot>edu Story about the clan: A sub-group of the Emperor's Hammer, the Dark Brotherthood already supports Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy and SW Battelfront (people who play on Battlestats should know us already ) and we will support Republic Commando from the very first day it's released. Our clan is a mix of roleplaying and pure gaming action. We simulate the structure of a Dark Side Army and the most skilled and active dark jedi are rewarded with medals, new ranks and other special prices (sample profile: http://www.ehdb.net/rosters/dossier.asp?record=951)
  8. Ok, here's another secret. It is possible to submit to admins your personal rating of their server. Just open the console and type "seta rate #" (where # is a number between 1 and 10).
  9. D'oh..I didn't think about it! Thank you I will, thanks again for the help!
  10. Yea, that's what I did before and it allowed me to start XMOD a couple of times. Anyway, I think to have found why sometimes the mod fails to load properly:after a couple of server restarts (I was testing several settings of the file xmod.cfg) somehow XMOD's jampgamex86.dll file is overwritten by the standard JKA jampgamex86.dll file. I've recreated the problem several times and I always got the same result: I load XMOD --> it works --> I play for a while, then I restart the server 3 or 4 times, changing maps too --> XMOD can't start anymore (maps are loaded as "basejka"). When this happens I check the XMOD folder and the modified jampgamex86.dll of XMOD has been overwritten by the original one of JKA.
  11. Well, even Luke Skywalker apparently became a kick ass jedi by jumping around for 2 minutes in the Dagobah swamps Anyway, DF2 Kyle used the holocron of the Jedi beheaded by Jerec in the intro movie (I forgot his name), I think to have read that somewhere in the novel (and no, I don't usually read EU books but since it was included in the JK box )
  12. Ok this is getting weird... Today I tried to install XMOD once again. I've extracted all files to the correct directory (../gamedata/xmod), I've added the +set fs_game xmod +exec server.cfg to the command line and I added "exec "xmod.cfg" to my server.cfg file (which is in the base directory). I've started the mod from within the game...and it worked! I started it from console as a dedicated server...and it worked! Fine, I thought, now I just have to upload it to my server. I have lunch and after 2 hours I'm ready to upload the mod to my server. Ok, now XMOD isn't loading anymore AND I HAVEN'T CHANGED A SINGLE THING in the config files!! In the last 30 minutes I have already tried to start XMOD both from console and within the game and it is not working at all (same problem as in the first post). I have tried to install Jedi Plus 2.1, Asteroids and JKA Reloaded and all of them are working perfectly when loaded both from console and within the game. I seriously start to think XMOD is the uber suxxor and not only for the "honorz" stuff in it. P.S. when XMOD was working I noticed that despite I configured blue lunge, RDFA and YDFA to use 0 force (ala Jedi Outcast) the game continued to require the standard 25 force for those moves.
  13. Ok, probably I'm retard or something but I can't install XMOD 2.7 1) I put all pertinent files in the folder ../GameData/XMOD maintaining subfolders structure 2) The bat file for the dedicated server is the following "jampDed.exe +set fs_game xmod +set g_maxgameclients 12 +exec server.cfg" When I start the server it loads as a normal basejk server without loading XMOD (no "amstuff" and All Seeying Eye classify my server as "basejka") What did I do wrong?
  14. Well, I'm a old fan of Lucasarts (prolly I was playing TIE Fighter when most of you were at the kindergarten ) so I admit to be a bit biased, yet IMHO no JK-X level will ever reach the atmosphere and pathos of the Sith Palace map in MotS (i.e. the Sith Undead )
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