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  1. Thats just because the lightsabers stand out and make everyone go "Ahhh! Jedi! Kill it!".
  2. Or if you wanted to be really realistic we could all wear rubber suits and run around pretending we are shooting at eachother inside a blue room.
  3. TK, you are really starting to get on my nerves with all your whining. Your sounding like a typical BF2 fanboy. Perhaps it is time someone like me came to this thread, I am a person who finds BF2 to be one of the worst FPS I have ever played. You are right that Star Wars weapons do create kick but it is MINIMAL. Your referance of blasters being notoriously hard to aim is from a Star Wars facts book meaning that they are hard to aim compared to other Star Wars weapons. Have you even seen SWBF2? I have seen full resolution, uncompressed images and I can say that the graphics are definantly better than the first. SWBF2 is not going to have your precious processor eating, completely fake looking rag dolls (boohoo) because it is designed to run on CONSOLES and they lack the power for such things. The fact is that SWBF2 is being designed to run on consoles so it will not compare graphically to the sorry excuse of next gen game that is BF2. Gameplay wise this is a sci-fi game not a realistic one and some people seem to have a hard time getting their heads around that. Watch the movies, did you ever see a Clone Trooper go prone and spent 20 seconds lining up his target? The only time I have ever seen people crouching or going prone in the movies was to use cover or reduce visibility. Complaining that the guns are too accurate is just comparing it to BF2 where you cant hit anything unless you are closer than 50m and lying down. Get a Paintball gun, put a cardboard box or something 50 or so meters away, jog around while shooting at the box, its not that hard to hit it. Also saying that the game is too arcady is not a valid point at all. Some people actaully *gasp* like arcady games. I dont like sports games but I dont say that they suck just because I dont like them. If you dont like a game, forget about it, dont complain.
  4. Also take into account that Battlefield 2 has 3x the system requirements. Love those effects on Yodas force power. I wonder what it is?
  5. Wow, Kashyyyk looks like its just waiting for a massive battle to take place. BeBop: Keep in mind though that those videos only show a small portion of the levels and its hard to tell if the texture resolution has been increased.
  6. Whoa! It actually looks quite balanced, although the Clone Commando does look a little overpowered.
  7. Could you please tell me what codek I need to view this?
  8. Its just that many people expected it to be something its not. Alot of people thought "I like battlefield so Ill like this game" but what they got was an unrealistic arcady game. I expected it to be just like siege in JA but without jedi and thats pretty much what I got so I was delighted. There are still things that I think need to be fixed like starfighters being overpowered aswell as pilots. I just really like arcady games and would squeel with delight if a new rollcage game was made. So far the only thing I can see wrong with swbf2 is the jedi but Im sure that can be modded out
  9. Yeah, I really cant stand star wars music anymore. Listening to some trance while playing gives the game a completely different feel.
  10. Thanks for that. Now that the video is now a decent size I can see that the graphics look similar to UT2004 which is awesome! Good to see they have changed the pathetic shineyness on the droids too. Nice music too BTW
  11. Id also like to see elevators in some of the maps. They make really good choke points and are always add a little more excitement to the game. It would be so cool to see the elevator doors open and have 5 guys charging at you. But of course there would have to be alternate routes otherwise the doors will open on a mine and you will all die
  12. Play Rends bounty hunters mod and play as a Tusken Raider and only use the gaffi stick, that is what jedi should be like plus extra jump height. To give Jedi powers they would have to function similar to the Droideka to be balanced. Basically while going into 'block' mode and deflecting blaster fire they can barely move and are vulnerable to grenades plus they can also use force powers like this. Then you just have normal mode where you are free to attack, run and jump plus Jedi probably shouldnt be able to use vehicles because of their massive manueverablity.
  13. Everyone has their own opinion. So you like BF1942, good, go play it then instead of annoying us. If you dont like a game dont play it, its as simple as that. By trying to degrade a game you are only degrading yourself.
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