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  1. I've had the same one for over a decade, so has Red. Oooooh - we have lots more buttons than last time I used the interface (like two years ago).
  2. In the sense that I wasn't really laying into "He who changes his screenname more often than I can keep up with", I was just having a bit of a Josh. In fact, I believe Kyle did make an appearence in a mid-era Cantina thread where he knocked down a wall with some form of rocket launcher and saved the heroes, or something. What's the TV trope for that?
  3. Just to clarify - I was being flippant.
  4. OK, aside from Deac who ever had an Avatar that resembled their character?
  5. At what point was Kyle Katarn in the RPG?
  6. I say we do the Selma and Louise ending!
  7. Yeah, heh. Oh, hay Red, I added you on MSN.
  8. I have a router, I had to buy it in the end. SCAR WAS RIGHT.
  9. The router is free, it should come in the post tomorrow. It saves me around $70 US.
  10. New flat = new contract = new router.
  11. Still waing for the router guys. Heck, should be here the 22nd.
  12. Funny. I am back, I'm just waiting for a router so I can post off-campus. Hopefully only another week.
  13. We need to streamline the story somewhat. I would suggest that everyone write a summary od what their characters have done and we try to create a synopsis, rather than going back over the last two threads to try and work out all the nuances of what we were doing a year and a half ago.
  14. I'm waiting on a home internet connection, so I need a couple more weeks. I think we should do a "reboot" though, the Cantina has just got too complex to follow, I have no idea where we are these days.
  15. Wow, I just today came back, look like it's been 11 months since I was last here. I'm all graduated too.
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