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  1. Craze used this chance to duck down. Who ever it was, they had turned away, and neglected the situation. Craze moved his men foward, He heard rustling in the foliage. The men Turned and were knocked down, Vuanna Jumped out and killed the officers. Each trooper surounded the Vuanna and fired at once. Their blasts killed both the creatures and left them with no officers. Craze looked down at the decaying carcasses of the Vuanna on top of their Officers. "Damn, scouts. There will be more of them here soon. " Craze moved in toward the building. There was a severe lack of options for entrance... He thought that there must be another entrance found by the ships who crashed here. He walked around and found a blasted hole in the wall. "Here we Go boys, Lets go get him"
  2. Craze and his men kept low, watching as the landed pods people came out. "We could rush out and kill them... but are we don't want to risk being on the wrong foot." Craze put his weapon down and got up. One of the officers told a scout," Doesn't he remember he got his a$$ shot doing this last time" Craze stoped when he suddenly remembered O s***t I got shot doign this last time It was too late, someone saw him.
  3. Craze and his men walked down fiurther only to see the smoke comming from a vaery large building miles away. He looked around and he saw something burning in the sky...and heading towards they're area...
  4. If you want to be technical, this was 3 days before you guys, the way the story goes decideds where they landed really.
  5. Craze and his group had barely survived. The Introsphere was destroyed and only a few highranking officals and 2 squads crashed from a small carrier ship. They had sent out a distress call, but there aren't very many ships in range this far out. After everyone was out he got a squad to stay with the captain and other officals. He had three men stay a few yards infront and tow a few more yards back. An ancient strategic move, He ordered his squads ahead. There was smoke and a large building in the distance.
  6. So, No time has past, and if time has passed how much of it? Char: Name: Craze Y'Chritian Age: 20 Gender: male Race: Correllian (No idea if correllian is a race but eh) Appearence: About 6'0 and 180lbs, Muscular build. Light skin, dark brown eyes and hair. Personality: Very assertive, a little arrogant and pig headed. He can be a real douche most the time. Skills: leadership, blaster rifle, pistol,fast, strong Occupation/rank: Security on the Intorsphere, second in command. training: Basic and squad leader training, Rifle and pistol training. Brief History: Craze and Apolojeick grew up together with the same man. They became the best of friends from the begginning. Craze was more the intimidation, as he boosted his build. Ap was more intelligent than Craze, but craze was alot stronger than Ap. They were almost completely opposite, as Ap was a better leader, was nicer and smarter. Craze was better with people, slight leader, meaner and more sarcastic. Eventually, they got a job on the same ship and Ap ranked just a little higher than Craze. Craze is a little annoyed with Ap always looking for a planet that didn't exist(earth), but he put up with it and joked alot about it. Any good? if a certain about of time has past I'll edit it
  7. Ap sat at his bunk, he thought about the events that were comming to pass. He held his rifle in his hands, and set it down. He laid back, and slept.
  8. Ap looked around the bunker and thought, It's better than my bunk on the ship..., Then he remembered, The Ship! He wondered how the fight was going, he thought of the ship he saw, how the defenses would hold. "My blaster didn't even fair very well with Vuannian armor." He had to make a descent flesh shot to even make a kill, which was not too bad of a problem, since he was a very good shot. I hope they're ok... Meanwhile... The baombardment of the Vuannian ship was not a big success, definately causing dammage, but being held off. The ships began to go offensive, they went to the side of the blasts and did a counter attack.
  9. No prob brah, That makes more sense now, Of course making a giant base on land as a giant building...seems a little dangerous for outer sides, of course he dethstar faired well
  10. Woah woah woah...dude chill, ok. I was imaginign something like a small medical building ok, have you seen a med building in a base? they range from med tents to mospitals, how was I suppose to know how big the building was... So, dude chill...
  11. Well, technically I wasn't running at you, I was out side the building aiming, just in case an enemy ran from behind you.
  12. "You need to get the wounded out, and I'm going to help one way or another. You hav no idea how many people I had to ask to get out of there."
  13. Ap stayed with teh wounded and decided to make due with his rifle, Pretty accurate, just not extremely powerful. He stood outside the door and saw a squad of men, along with Joth'loel. He got his gun ready "They don't run from just anything..." He got ready to aim.
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