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  1. Let's keep it simple and just do an uninstall/ and clean install before testing the mod/s out so there is absolutely no chance for a confliction to occur, thank you.
  2. Very nice Cryptoguy, excellent Yoda, now we just need to be able to play as him!
  3. Taking a step back here Kurgan, I forgot to mention a point- I joined the JA Server and noticed Yoda with dual sabers and even fought against him in a duel but I couldn't choose to be him, why do you suppose that was.. a server hosting Yoda but not showing up on your profile list of charaters to choose from?
  4. Yoda-kinja hey?, I will be hosting a LAN Party and will be heading up the dedicated Jedi Academy Server so I will have complete control over the server. If this Yoda I saw appearing small has to do with the server's configuration then please do inform me specifically on the settings to configure to produce the same Yoda I saw that was small.
  5. When I said I reinstalled the game, I removed it completely making sure nothing was left behind.
  6. Thank you for the quick reply Kurgan, unfortunately I have reinstalled my game since visiting the server hosting the Yoda Model. Would you link me to a download for the smaller sized Yoda? P.S. I downloaded (Yoda_Kinja.zip 2mb) The Yoda Model from JK2 but the model is too large to use.
  7. Hello fellow warriors, I was wanting to be Yoda in Jedi Knight Academy Multiplayer mode. I have seen someone playing as small little Yoda with dual sabers already but I didn't get around to asking him where he got his skin/mod? from so here I am seeing whats up!
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