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  1. Well, I just trusted the information the Finnish equivalent of the Science magazine provided me... Looks like you can trust nobody these days BTW, what do you mean by EIW? Is it lust or are you about to throw up? (Hehee...)
  2. Homophobia is actually a rather "new" thing. It began in the 1800s...
  3. Kingz was correct, once again. It's indeed from "Asterix and the Cauldron" and it's the actor who ends up in prison - and he's not a WOMAN. EDIT: In the Finnish edition the name is "Eleonoradus" - what is it in other language versions?
  4. Yes, time for a change. But who is in the avatar? No, it's not my momma. Or my daddy. It's a character from a comic book. But which comic book? (This thread will reveal if I'm the only non-Marvel comic book fan...)
  5. I like the story - once again. Slightly hasty, but good coverage of feelings.
  6. I checked the site out at school and didn't have speakers there. The music is a lot better than the one in the UK site, but I really can't enjoy it... there's trouble with the streaming. I like the amount of character info the Europe site provides, nice to see that they are taking a more serious approach.
  7. Whooo! Strange design, in my opinion... About the boxart/logo: if you look at the intro page after choosing the country, you see the cool logo everyone seems to love.
  8. Christina: There are things I absolutely loathe in both GK1 and 2 (acting, music). I have never played the Last Express, but I heard that in that game the world is more "realistic" - as in Gabriel Knight 3, a game I love. I'd personally recommend GK3 instead of almost any other adventure game in the entire universe. GK3 has little bits of history in the storyline - well quite a lot in fact.
  9. That's just perfect, even better than the red cover. (A lot, actually.)
  10. A cute little amateur game with great - albeit slightly repetitive - music and excellent humour called "The Apprentice" was released a while back. (Probably months already...) I really enjoyed it. http://www.sonic.net/~schlae/herculeaneffort/apprentice.html
  11. Since almost everyone seems to already hate the boxart, I hope they are going to do something about it...
  12. Now I understand... What a strange world this is. Especially the bunnies tasted nice.
  13. Trying to get Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge and Day of the Tentacle to work with General Midi seems to be impossible. In MI2 the music becomes weird (if your soundcard is not ancient) and in DOTT MIDI-music works, but not with ScummVM. Although midi is bad, Adlib is worse. What's your opinion? It seems like Adlib is the default choice made by the game in many cases.
  14. Tim Curry did go a little overboard with the acting at times, but much less than in Gabriel Knight 1. Generally his voice suited Gabriel fine, though. I thought about playing through the GK series yesterday: I started GK1, but the moment the intro animation was started I felt... slightly disgusted. I truly hate the MIDI music in GK1. Am I the only one?
  15. Have you all decided whether or not he knew Homoludens is 'Trep? I can't make the heands and tails out of it.
  16. Tried it already. Didn't work: My breasts didn't get any bigger.
  17. Nope: Nohing interesting at least. I believe that somehing like the history of music is the only option. If you want to study composition or somthing like that you have to be really good and study at a conservatry/Sibelius Academy. At least that's the view I got.
  18. So if I was American I could start studying to become a pro-musician at the moment - if I understood correctly. Strange. Most children who are into music in Finland start playing the piano between the ages of three and ten, because that's when your musical ear has any hope in developing. I have no possibilities in studying music anywhere at the moment. (I started playing the piano at the age of nine, but never studied any theory or other garbage.) But being an amateur has its advantages. In any case, school started a month ago, and I find it extremely boring.
  19. (Looks like once again I didn't finish writing about my thoughts...) So it's actually the music & oter sounds and the feeling of the real world - characters moving, etc. - that created the atmosphere for me.
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