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  1. Hi guys... Im actually downloading a complete mod (hopefully) version of the first game for JA, Dark forces...the file weighs 424 mb so I think its true..... Has anyone tried it??? also...arent any completed mds for Dark forces 2 and Mysteries of the Sith?? Thanks!
  2. The blobs......THEY ARE GONE!!! Thank you guys!!! Onem ore question: Do you think that single saber is a viable choice? I like staff and dual...but I come from JO where I could use Strong style with devastating effects....
  3. Hi people Im a JO veteran who only recently picked up JA....the gamer looks fantastic (although a little heavier than the original.....for no reason) however Ive 1 GREAT issue with it: (and 2 minor others) 1) Whenever I try to force pull/push, there's a ugly annoying force distortion effect (I call it force bubble )....how can I revert it back like it was in JO?? 2) is my impression....or my initial saber is smaller than the one I wielded in JO?? Can I get a bigger one without cheating ?? 3) Does diffierent hilt choice affect gameplay??? Thanks Its good to have the Force with me again!!
  4. Just played a skirmish on Hard on the Rhen Var's "infantry only" map. I was CIS aganist Rep. I dont know if it has been improved, but I had A LOT of fun. The Droideka is amazing when in the right place. Surely it isnt worse than before.
  5. So, anyone noticed improvements of the hard AI??
  6. Wrong forum. None cares about Eminem.
  7. Ehm, im sorry Ithorian jedi:) ... However, I always considered myself and all the star wars fans as part of an elite group... I mean, most people when hear "Star wars" or just any fantasy-scifi thing says: "wow, that sucks! Better going to play GTA or Sims2" At least thats were I live... I think in my town there are a couple of people who ever heard about "Star wars"... and not because our cinemas and tv do not play the movies, but just because people are mind closed (so IMO they sucks;) )
  8. Most people on earth sucks. So, most of games sucks, its easy. At least I see Warhammer : Dawn of war. That is a very good game
  9. Ok, then I say "No invulnerability"... This makes taking a SP impossible for a single trooper...
  10. I tried to use Force Push on a granade. Of course I died. I played JO and JA way too much:D
  11. Si hai ragione. Rende quasi impossibile la cattura degli spawning points... Either speak English, or don't post at all ~Alegis
  12. IMO its official. Rebel cant deal with Imperial on Tatooine because of the Tusken. Its ridicolously unbalanced.
  13. When I Registered on this forum I hadnt a job and went to school...it was JA times, if I remember well.. Anyway, I learned the game mechanics, now I just need to improve my skills at it. This thread has made his purpose, Thanks:)
  14. Thanks! Manuals sucks by definition. Everything can be learnt faster and better by other players... Btw, I noticed this... The more spawning points you own, the more points you subtract to the enemy with each kill, am I right? This means that I can win even with one Spawning point...
  15. Im currently playing Galactic Conquest at Hard difficulty, and I noticed this wierd fact: When I choose the Empire and attack Tatooine, I canm get the victory quite easily. Instead, if I choose Rebels and play THE SAME mission, there's no way I cam win, my troops seems to die like flies, despite the fact that I control more spawning points than the enemy... Any idea??
  16. Do you know that there are gamers that have a job and go to University? I barely have the time to play. Thanks for the clarification, Sam Fisher:)
  17. There's some way to choose the point were you will spawn? On some maps like Hoth, uis frustrating to be spawned kilometres away from the firefight when you just captured a spawing point in the enemy territory....
  18. I just bought the game and Im a COMPLETE n00b! I dont understand how the game works... Can anyone explain me with precision the game mechanic? (Im playing SP) What are those colorful beacons? That colored bars? How can I make bigger jumps with jet troopers? How can I enter a vehicle?Use a Bike? How does Vehicles and Troopers spawn? What happen when I die? I can respawn a million of times? Where's the drawback in this?
  19. Thanks for the replies, I think I'll buy it... Btw, a friend of mine just bought a pc and it has 1024 mb of RAM... and it works fine...
  20. Wow! Unexpected good news!!! I will buy it mainly for Single player, due to my crappy conection... However... This game is new...Thief3 is 4-5 months older and it runs horribly on my machine... are you sure that it will run fine in single player?
  21. Hi guys! I was going to buy this game for my pc, but, not trusting the Min specificatin posted on the official FAQ I want your opinion... I have a: P4 1800 Mhz 512 Mb RAM Geforce4 5200 fx 256 mb ddr Win Xp How are my performances going? As far as the official specs I should be able to play it without too much troubles... Im stockpiling games, Doom3 and Thief3 runs both like crap (Doom3 in particular is unplayable).... I dont want SW:BF to take dust on my library like them... should I buy it? II dont mind about low detail, I just want a smooth playing experience .
  22. Surely looks more fun than GB, wich features lots of identical sides with different skins. There are no unique sides, they are all the same, only with some upgrades\building restrictions\prices. Not to mention that I feel like playing Age of Empires.....
  23. Thanks comrade! Any other cool sp mods?
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