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  1. i think i saw the all in one force power thingy on the front page of this thread.
  2. Hi i just got directed to this thread, i tried looking though the pages to see if some one already requested my idea but i could not find anything. Has any one got the link so that all influence for TSL party members are at 100% so i can get the story line and turn them in to jedi ? many thanks
  3. hey i just finished this game and want to mess around with the console and cheats. i did a google search and it said press ` or ~ to bring the console down but it lies there is no console. How do you really get the console down ?
  4. hi recently i have been watching Star wars movies and playing a few star wars games involving me playing with lightsaber, just wondering if there is any download to allow me to play Jedi Knight Revan (Darth Raven if i must) or any of jedi. thanks all
  5. hi i got the one month subscription fee. I recently moved back to university and re-installed windows, i cannot afford the next subscription so after the month ends will it re-new its self or not ? Do i have to end the subscription manually ? If so whats the name of the subscription site again ?
  6. Hi im no spacer, i just have the luxary yaught to get me from planet to planet. How ever i would like to own a Yt-5000 (the falcon one if i got the name wrong) Can any spacer buy ships or do you need flight levels ? like combat levels to equip certain weapons
  7. it took me one whole day to download all the updates after re-installing the game. then you can play and have fun and is rather fun
  8. i love the legency Quest. Think their a brillient idea. Im basically a new player, i started before the legency quest and Host take over and was dumbed on Tatooine to wonder around are a low level trying to figure out where to go. I deleted that caracter and started off Noska, Start with From Solo and we now have good missions to help us get decent clothing and some good weponary (with out the legency quest i would find it difficult to find low lvl (21-25) guns) A few missions are repatitive but i continue to play them as i like them and are happy.
  9. im on Starsider, Noska look me up if you want I roleplay and im only lvl 22
  10. adey12


    how many patches if there for this game ? it taking ages, now downloading patch 20 !
  11. hi i decied to give this new adapted SWG a chance and return to the game. Gonna take a look at Jedi (sorry for overpopulating) i just like the force and sabers, but i will properly settle for bounty hunter for a good old un-civialised gun. Anyways what do you play as good or evil and how do you work, by yourself or in a team ? I pretty much always play a good side fighting the evil and hopefully kicking thier ass, i also try and create characters to work solo to attempt to give them a earl of mystey behind them.
  12. thats sounds terrible i wanted to stay as TKM and kick imperial ass one day. why would they do such a thing so i take it my character is lost and will not be able to trade my gained XP for the XP of another profession ? i dont want to be a newbie again ! it took me ages to get to a stage where i could safely hunt and do missions by myself along with my trusty pet.....**** does that mean we cannot get pets no more ? i may have to think hard about subscribing, i might subscribe for a month i am kinda curiouse to have a browse thanks for the horrible and terrible but quick reply/news
  13. Hi im a player of SWG and im now back from univeristy and was hoping to pick up with my character where i left off. Has SWG swopped bosses or something is there a chance my character is lost ? I hope not, i never got very far but things were about to get intresting i got to the beginning of TKM which took me ages to get. If my character has been deleted then what servers are you guys on ? Is there still a roleplay atmosphere in the game or is it just a competetion to reach Jedi ? One last thing what is the price list of fees for the United Kingdom (i cannot get to lucasarts galaxies to check)
  14. Do you people still play the games ? I dont play KOTOR 1 as much, but KOTOR 2 is still a good game to play once you have a rest from it
  15. good idea. But i hope KOTOR 3 dose not have a option to buy ships as that type of function should only be for space games or LARGE games such as Galaxies
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