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  1. I have just got jk:jedi academy (i know its been out for ages), but i was just looking for some mods for new lightsabre hilts. if anyone has any, or knows of anyone that has some could you please PM me gv1
  2. Well i dont want to be tied by alligences. being neutral and working for both factions is by far the best way.
  3. well i wouldnt say that obi-wan was the best but yeah hes a pretty cool guy.
  4. Okay heres my selection Sonny Chiba - Ben Kenobi Tobey Maguire -Luke Alison Hannigan - Princess Leia Viggo Mortensen - Han Wesley Snipes - Darth Vader
  5. well when i get bored i play a good computer game, go on forums. chat to my freinds on MSN. i just try not to be bored coz i tend to get really depressed when i have nothing to do.
  6. totally agree there siv Smith is by far the best. If the Terminators meet Agent Smith..... umm..... i mean Smiths they would meet a whole world of pain.
  7. well done there Selene. good for you. I hope 2 graduate soon
  8. Thursday, June 7, 2085 98 years rock on yeh. LOL just tried it as sadistic and i got the date as Wednesday, April 19, 2023 36 years old. which sucks a bit.
  9. i go for the single lightsabre. classic always the best. somethimes i am tempted though by double-bladed lightsabre
  10. yeh i know, Gil-Galads weapon aiglos is a type of glaive as well, but i originally got the name from the blade weapon.
  11. well i'm 17 at the mo, but i turn 18 in July
  12. I luv the Blade films and any bladed objects,(i own six swords, 3 daggers, and a viking battleaxe) and i got the glaive part from the name of the boomerrang like weapon blade has. The v.1 part was when i created an e-mail address and someone had got glaive already so i thought that version one was 2 long and so i shortened it to v.1. and thats how my name. i use it in every thing, from online to LAN games
  13. I dont mind having artwork tats, but i think the problem with coloured tats is that the older they get the more the colour fads. I know someone that had a gool red dragon tat down his arm and now i this horrible mirky red colour and the guy now hates it.
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