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  1. Decent enough. A conversation on the MB2 forums reminded me to check out how things were going here.
  2. Very much so. As soon as someone is "seen" to be reloading their dead. Depending on the skill and speed of the person that is now attacking them. It's not so much a problem as a gameplay element. Anytime a person is unable to defend themselves they die. In MB2 this gap is a blink of the eye. And with last man standing and 5 minute rounds this is acceptable.
  3. Anakin braced himself against a force push by Assaj in the cartoon. He was running at full sprint though. For all intents and purposes it seems they levitate the object their throwing and send it flying with a wave of energy. Which is why most things always move in a straight line when pushed/pulled. This is just my observation though. Reloading can have little or no impact on gameplay. Depends on how far you want to go up the realism chain. Clips or Battery? (Packed clips, or loss of remaining Animated Reloads? With either one your going to be introducing delays before they can fire again. Clips more so than a battery. Same with animated reloads. Not sure if any thought was put towards that, but since I didn't see it....
  4. Same with MB2. It's because loading the mod in certain ways causes it to ignore the _humanoid if it's in the mod folder.
  5. Thats the deka your thinking of. The SBD uses the _humanoid. Animation problems are always due to the mod not loading the _humanoid gla/cfg correctly.
  6. Wow. You wrote that rant based off a 3 sentance paragraph of mine? Impressive.
  7. Replacements are just a waste of time when there are more productive things to be working on. Just my opinion of course.
  8. Replacement anims are the devil. People tweaking the animation.cfg and stating their new animations need to be hung. That said. Emotes don't add anything to the game other than give the role players something to fap to.
  9. Only 3 forums to choose from. Guess modding wasn't on the agenda... This is probably the best place for this. I'm not sure if the app that ripped textures from Star Wars 1 works with the new version so here you go. HX2 structures. There's enough to rip textures from the model packages. I'm working on Vertex Data right now for the models themselves. http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?t=2110
  10. I knew the first post would be form related. I should have placed bets... Blue, Yellow, and Red styles have very real advantages with speed and more importantly reach. Duals and Staffs are just an animation mess though. Not physically balanced for multiplayer play at all. Tacking on more advantages and disadvantages is kinda unneccessary really.
  11. Some deforming can easily be a weighting issue with the model. If your using my stuff it could just as easily be the skeleton. My skeleton isn't a 100 percent accurate. Some of the bones are off by 1/100th's of a unit. Just enough to squeak through without carcass bitching. So lots and lots of tranforms over the course of say 100 frames can add up to some massive deforming.
  12. The problem with adding a class system is even if you don't intend for it to be RPG. They WILL flock to it like vultures. The only thing that keeps them away from MB2 is the Last Man Standing/5 minute rounds. ForceMod 3 is a perfect example of this. And once you start pulling in RPG feedback you can kiss any type of meaningfull balance suggestions goodbye. You'll be coding emotes for all eternity.
  13. Nah. Anyone with Dragon can fix those issues. I'm sticking around for complicated stuff. As for clipping. Any back blocks that go by the head will clip if not animated. Thats just the nature of them. I'd recommend seperating them up though coding wise. start->block (3 frames) Block (held, 1 frame) block->start (3 frames) block->block (3 frames) If the projectiles are coming faster than the transitions can handle skip them, else play them.
  14. Well if they don't outright load up in dragon you can merge them to the main and then just rip the frames. It's floating around the net labeled as BOTH_A8. I had a hardrive issue, so I lost all the source files. No problem. I try and jump on any questions I see.
  15. File Size:Dragon stores all rotations for every bone I beleive. 3D Studio Max only stored the rotations of the bones I moved. So my files will be smaller and more "optomized". I think glamerge has an option to optimize during merge. Model Root Issue: If your using my anims as a base. You may need to clear the model root transforms and rotations in Dragon. Most of my old stuff doesn't have correct _Humanoid index's internally. I used an older version of carcass to compile them and used glamerge to correct the index's when merged. Hope this clears up some stuff.
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