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  1. Jesus christ, I just saw that I have more than 4000 posts on this forum. Goddamn.

  2. Pie™


    lol you haven't changed at all over 6 years........ get a life for real.... the JK series IS NOT coming back period!......... try a new forum instead tbh... ****in losers... lol no need to comment on this cuz it will be another r6 years before i come back again and if you do you are talking to nothing more than a brick wall rofl pathetic slags................
  3. Sex and booze and drugs. Also, I saw John Garcia perform Kyuss songs live with Nick Oliveri and Brant Bjork. I can now die happy.
  4. RHPS has the most obnoxious fans ever. The movie is just a huge kitchfest.
  5. Finally finished my concert-jacket. It's been a work in progress for around 2 years and I finally got around to sewing on the last patches. I might try to cram on some more later, but at least I consider it a completed work now! Next project is a denim vest I've just started on. Pics: I don't expect many people here to recognize any of the bands, but I put enough time, money, and effort into it that I thought I'd share. It should also get me a bunch of free beer and new acquaintances when I go to Hellfest in two weeks:
  6. he cut it a bit actually.
  7. hey have you ever seen this guy? he's like my oldest friend and is also a p chill dude all around! oh, I almost forgot, it's also his birthday. have a good one brocahontas, you're an excellent dude. Cheers!
  8. how can you guys be joking about this while gary coleman is on life-support
  9. The previous 3 posts are the best in the thread.
  10. A cult movie basically means that it has a very dedicated following, a "cult", if you will. The Big Lebowski is probably the best example of a mainstream cult movie.
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