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  1. It's the Donnie Darko-syndrome. People (usually teenagers) who have grown up on mindless drivel see something with slight undertones (or simply pretentiousness) for the first time, and are hooked because it feels deeper than what they're accustomed to. I don't blame anyone for finding the Boondock Saints entertaining, but calling it a masterpiece is a huge overstatement that reveals a severe lack of knowledge about cinema. It's a mindless action flick with some humor, and Willem Dafoe does a good job as usual. My distaste for the movie has probably been tinted by the annoying fanbase and the general *******ness of Troy Duffy, but that's just my 2 cents. Also lol u r douchebag
  2. Boondock Saints is entertaining for a light watch, but nothing more. Somehow it's got a huge following of frat-boys and douchebags. I'd watch Snatch or Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels over that flick any day. The Thing is ****ing awesome though. True cult movie:
  3. how have you been dude? I have fond memories from TPM, possibly because I was a kid at the time that would eat up anything Star Wars related, no matter how ****ty it might have been. I would not want to revisit it today and ruin my memories of shooting gigantic Jawas with laser hand-cannons.
  4. Thanks guys, the last two days have been pretty crazy, a lot of substances have been consumed and I feel good about it.
  5. Hugs and kisses for ma' bro!
  6. Impressive, but people still aren't going to pay for it.
  7. Quoted for emphasis. You haven't truly lived until you've smoked a fat one while riding away on the sonic waves of Dopesmoker.
  8. Lmao, they even have a guy in a bandana. The mohawk-dude in the background is the only thing that distinguishes them from Nightwish. I think they even had the same guy design their cover-art.
  9. Miscarriages for everyone!

  10. Nah, by then I'll be back in Norway. We've got some good shows coming up in TO though, like Kreator/Voivod/Nachtmystium, Immortal, and Weedeater/The Gates Of Slumber. Also, Alice In Chains, but it seems impossible to get tickets for that show without paying scalper prices.
  11. so lately I've been invading Canada sometimes you've just gotta stop the pillaging and chillax though
  12. I have a zippo back home with David Hasselhoff on it. It's true that it doesn't work well with bowls though.
  13. I wanted to see them with Slayer and Testament here in Toronto, but the show got canceled because of Tom Araya's back surgery.
  14. All their stuff is brilliant, but both The Mantle and Pale Folklore are amongst my favorite albums of all time.
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