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  1. You check a server's ip to make sure its not blacklisted before you join? Thats gotta be time consuming. Visit the same few servers regularly, (once you've found one without abusive admins). And if stuff like that happens, just leave (or let them kick ya) and don't bother trying to rejoin it.
  2. Hi there! Jedi Academy players are battling away at Proving Grounds in our spectacular Jedi Academy ladders. Weild your saber(s) and come and kill enemies, make friends or just show off your lightsaber skills in our JA Sabers 1vs1 No Force ladders. Fany displaying your mastery of the force too? Come and battle it out in our JA Sabers 1vs1 Full Force ladders. Register your account and signup, absolutely free and begin your fight to become the best of the best. Each ladder displays a very unique kind of gameplay. If you're looking for a way to hone your saber skills, or just to show them off, join a PG ladder today! If you have any questions regarding these ladders, please contact Prometheus or Binary or post in our JA Forums So come on down in a duel to the death. Only the best will survive! We hope to see you there! Prometheus Admin Assistant of JA operations Proving Grounds - http://www.provinggrounds.com
  3. The rpg players were targetted...the animations like bow, meditate etc. are there to enhance the role playing experience. They have no use whatsoever in an action/fps/tps game.
  4. wasd - movement 1- push 2- pull 3 -absorb/drain 4- speed e and x- crouch c and mouse 2- jump caps lock and mouse wheel- energise/teamheal space- alt attack `- rage z- heal 6- seeing I normally just have two cfgs to exec, to switch the controls/powers to the few buttons around wasd so i never really needed the extra buttons around esdf. Find it more comfortable too.
  5. I'm not sure about xbox, but there are no 'unlockables' on the pc version but I doubt it's any different.
  6. There is a command to disable the little circle around your hand when you push/pull/grip etc and replaces it with the old JK2 style ones. But I've forgotten it >/ It increases your fps overall by about 2 aswell as stopping what your describing when you use force. I'm sure someone will post it or i'll look for it later.
  7. Hi, just to inform everyone of our ladder relaunches. Our full force duel ladder now runs the new xmod2 modification, fixing some of the bugs Raven didn't fix, aswell as adding extra features to the game. Join up now at our Full Force Ladder . Our No force ladder is running any mod at the duellers wish. Once you have matched, both duellers can agree to play on any server. As long as both duellers agree to this, servers running a mod are included. Join up now at our No Force Ladder . Finally, for the ctf players, after relaunching our new xmod saber only ctf ladders, we have updated various settings. The map selection now encorporates 3 old JK2 ctf maps: Bespin, Streets and Yavin. Each team picks one map and the defending team is allowed to choose a third map. The final score of all caps after all 3 maps defines the winning team. In the event of a tie (after all 3 maps), the third map (or any other mutually agreed map) is to be played and a 'golden cap' rule where the first team to score will define the winner. Team sizes are defaulted at 5v5 although larger teams can be used if both teams agree. We recommend a team of 6 for the newer, larger maps and a team of 5 for the old maps. Server settings are to be agreed with each team (such as ptk etc). If both teams agree on a setting, that setting can be played, however, in the event of a dispute, the default settings as seen in the rules section must be played. Join now at our s/o ctf Ladders We hope you can show your support at Proving Grounds and please feel welcome to suggest any alterations. As more and more player signup, a tournement in JA can also take place, with the possibility of a cash prize or a free server rental. The future is yours! Regards PG|Prometheus
  8. If you look back, JK2 was a huge step up from the original JK. It put you in a third person view, added acrobatics, unlimited combinations of moves and generally made everything look so much nicer. But then we have JA from JK2. Granted it is changing a few things, but there isn't that massive leap. With the additions of the problems players have, stating things are removed, rather than a leap, it may be two steps backwards, one step forwards. In fact, most of JA's original features are 'been there, done that' through a variety of JK2 mods. In my opinion, there definately aren't enough changes to warrant a separate title, which is possibly why there are so many arguements over whether things should be in the game or not. If the game was vastly different (such as JK2 to JK) there couldn't be any arguements. The games so different their features can't be compared. But when you have JA to JK2, games that are so similar, the game appears to be an expansion or a mod of the original. And when the Similarities outweigh the difference, such as in this case, the arguements are more abundant.
  9. Not to stray into the JA = JK2 code arguement, but I believe there hasn't been any arguements saying either JK2 or JA is easier to code than the other, because JA's code is so similar to JK2. I believe its also the reason why so many mods have already been released so soon after the sdk release. The ex JK2 coders don't have much new code to learn. Again this might be a good thing.
  10. Personally, I like JK2 better, but JA is still a nice game. Both SP are slow, because they're meant to be 'movie like'. They have that shiny finish, especially with the lighting to make them look like something out of the films. The mp on the other hand, I find JA mp infuriatingly spammy. People are joining, keeping their finger on mouse1 and actually killing people. This could never happen in JK2. Perhaps this isn't such a bad thing, but it makes competeive mp a bit of a facade, where a player may have been practicing for 3 months, but a complete novice can learn ALL of the moves in a matter of hours. What i'm saying is, there is a much narrower learning curve in JA. There aren't an infinite ammount of combinations of attacks, just those that are deadset. Because of this, there is a mutual feeling that 'dedicating' yourself to this game in order to get better is pointless and hopeless, since there isn't a great deal to grasp, especially if you are an ex JK2 player. Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing isn't for me to say. Personally I prefer JK2, but JA is still a great game. Join our ladders today!
  11. Multiplayer can seem a little spammy at times, especially with saber only games. However, if you play around a little, I'm sure you'll find some people who play the game at a similar level to yourself. As always, the bots are really no match for a human, but if you play online against other humans, i'm sure you'll find it much more fun. Try joining our no force duel ladders (see signature).
  12. Update: The ladder is now open and ready for signups
  13. Update: To sign up, register an account through the website, thenc reate a new team through your profile page. After your team is accepted, others can register an account through the website and subscribe to your team.
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