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  1. Great... exactly what I was attempting to avoid. Ahh, oh well, thanks for the help anyway. When I mean the loading status bar "reverting", I mean it randomly switching within millesconds the last status to the full status and only hearing the taunts of the NPCs. The only way I can get out of it is by pressing ESC (Escape), which boots me back to the main menu. I haven't always had this issue, I wonder if it had to do with the v1.01 patch update... Anyone else experience this, or do I need to record the loading bar problem when I join the darkside upon loading the map "kor2" and demonstrate what I mean?
  2. For some odd reason, whenever I choose to join the dark side of the Force by taspir2, I can't seem to proceed to kor2 after finishing kor1. When the loading bar finishes, it keeps on reverting back and then reverting forward and I can only hear the taunts of the NPCs. When I press ESC, the game brings me back to the main menu. This issue does not occur if I join the lightside on taspir2. Any ideas what's wrong?
  3. Ah, yes, that's what led me to NPCTool.. thanks anyway though.
  4. Like, say, for an example, if I wanted to spawn kyle_boss with dual lightsabers of any kind, is that possible? Anyone know how?
  5. Both use of solution #1 and #2 together resolved the issue, cheers for the sorting out problem reply dude! Wester547
  6. Write protection? In JKA? I modify the jaconfig file so in addition to it there is: seta g_sabermorerealistic "2" seta helpusobi "1" I save the changes, and I go to my command line of my jedi academy single player shortcut and add +seta g_sabermorerealistic 2 +seta helpusobi 1 Start up the game, it says both values of helpusobi is 1 and g_sabermorerealistic is 2. Okay, I load a map, and both are 0. No matter what I do. I try to change helpusobi to 1, that's successfull. I try to change g_sabermorerealistic to 2, it says that is write protected. How do I get rid of write protection? Is this an engine built in? Does anyone know? Cheers, Wester547
  7. OK yes I downloaded the latest Jedi Academy 1.01 patch and to start off next my system specs are: Intel 850 Custom Dell Mobo Intel Pentium 4 Willamate Processor at 2.2ghz with 400mhz fsb/256K cache and 0.18 micron process 512MB of PC800 NON-ECC RDRAM(128x4, 4 slots, 2GB max) ATI Radeon 9500 Pro 128MB DDR 275/270 stock speeds(4.2 catalyst drivers, 1/27/04 release date) Creative Lab's Sound Blaster 2 ZS(latest 11/11/03 drivers update) Two 40GB IBM 2MB cache ATA100 7200RPM hard drives(first one has 20GB left, second one has 10GB left) Microsoft's Windows XP Professional Edition Version 2002, SP1 Yahoo! SBC SDSL ISP 1.5mbps/384kbps average dl/ul speeds 16X LITE-ON DVD-ROM 48X LITE-ON CD-RW Direct-X 9.0b IBM Optical Mouse Wheel Glowing Black Mouse with IBM mouse software installed Dell QuietKey Black Standard Keyboard Logitech Advanced ForceFeedback 3D Rumble Joystick Microsoft Silver Advanced Gamepad USB 1.0 10/100mbps network card LAN cable 19" Trinitron Black Dell Monitor 2.1 2500 Creative Labs Speakers w/subwoofer & wired volume control 3"5 black floppy drive Dell Dimension 8200 Case Espon Stylus C80 black printer SMC EZ connect 11mbps Wireless USB Adapter SMC2662W Dell 400Watt PSU Dell Custom Fan And more Maps mapped by [sASH]NATHAN that i've tried, no offence to him(such as MatrixReloadedV3 and Helmsdeep) have some issues, and they havent occured up until now. Eventually, when I play the map and keep on fighting NPCs or doing something like that, the game will revert back to the menu with a error message saying: "G_Spawn: no free entities" what does this mean, is there a way to set g_spawn so free entities are allowed, and is anyone else recieving this problem(i tried G_spawn in the console, its not a console command)? This occurs when I try to load the map in single player, in multiplayer it reverts back to the menu when I do stuff like that saying some similiar error message or something like that. Any ideas on this??? PLEASE RESPOND!!! Thanks A whole lot!
  8. Oh, and here is what it says when I bring down the console, all the text I see, the errors are in red, the rest is in blue/white: ------ Server Intialization ------ JA: v10.10 win-x86 Oct 24 2003 Server: mp/duel2 Loading shader text . . . . . 3400 shader definitions loaded - - - - - - Game Intiazation - - - - - ERORR: info_player_duel is not a spawn function@ (-4728 2080 24) ERROR: info_player_duel is not a spawn function @ (-5728 2080 24) ERROR: info_player_duel2 is not a spawn function @ (-5728 2016 24) ERROR: info_player_duel2 is not a spawn function @ (-5728 2144 24) ERORR: info_player_duel1 is not a spawn function @ (-4768 2080 24) ERROR: info_player_intermission is not a spawn function @ (-4744 1696 312) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Done. . . . loaded 7430 faces, 11 meshes, 0 trisurfs, 0 flares ]helpusobi 1 ]saber_duel_(any number i try) Then it just brings me up a default red single saber, and I cant spawn any npcs with duel sabers, it just gives me an error in red saying that it isnt a spawn function, what's wrong!?!? Does anyone else have this particular prob?
  9. OK now its happening on any computer i try and it worked fine with the saber_duel# commands and _duel spawned tagged compatible NPCS, it says in the console menu it cant grab info in red letters from "info_duel" bla bla bla and that its not a spawn function @ (-## ###-) or whatever and i have no idea whats wrong...this happens no matter what I do now, does anyone else have this particular issue?
  10. Sure is strange. I've never had this issue before, just basically the issues everyone else has had. Man, all I'm ever dealing with are technical troubleshooting sisues, and I'm sick of it...
  11. Yes, both versions, defragging, and same thing!?!??! What's wrong!?!?!
  12. When I load any map or anything, I can't spawn any npc with a _duel tag or duel sabers or a staff saber or use a duel saber as my character, and in red letters it says info_duel_saber_player @ -525296 20626) or something like that and that its not a spawn function in the console!??!? YES I HAVE THE LATEST UPDATE FOR JEDI ACADEMY, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!! :confused:
  13. On any computer I have I try to patch jedi academy too, the patch installs fine, I start up the game, and once I have all three saber styles in single player mode with a single saber, I can only browse through all three styles once, because once I try to go from blue to yellow a second time it just reverts back to blue!!!! WTF??? Does anyone else have this problem with v1.01 of JA? It's really annoying, and yes, my comp is running fine, I have all the latest drivers, the specs of my comp are: P4 2ghz 512MB RAM Radeon 9500 Pro SBA Gamer WinXP Home Two 40GB HDS DSL ETC What's wrong??? Any ideas??? Please respond! Thanks!!
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