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  1. I hate bumping old topics but I have no choice. OK here's the deal, brand new PC originally running Vista 32bit, on which KotOR II ran perfectly with the Vista Mss32.dll patch file, but for various reasons I upgraded to Vista 64bit. Now KotOR II fails to run no matter what I do. I've tried multiple intalls, various different Mss32 files, running in compatibility mode, you name it I've probably tried it. Does anyone have a suggestion that I might have missed somewhere? Or is KotOR II dead to me unless I downgrade? Oh and for the record, Windows Vista is single handedly the worst OS I have ever worked with in my life. And also unrelated to this problem I just thought I'd mention that my graphics card doesn't work properly because of Vista and nVidia's incompetence. Thinking of buying a new PC? Don't install Vista whatever you do.
  2. OK, so basically the title sums up what I'd like done. Unlike most character models in both KotOR I and II, Atris head isn't actually a file separate from her body. I attempted to decapitate her then "surgically" move it to a lone model in a more PC or Party member style but sadly I failed miserably. I just lack the necessary skills to go through with such a task. So yeah I'm just asking one of the more experienced modelers out there to chop up the woman's head, shove it on a pike *cough* um rather export it as a separate head to replace PFHC06. Hopefully it isn't a massive job.
  3. An alternative is to ask permission to use Hap Slash's Stormtrooper model, would save us some time. The main problem I see with releasing the Real Life cutscenes is that they will be HUGE!If they do release the Real Life cutscenes, I suggest making them a separate download. Think of all the poor little 56k-ers. I know, I used to be one *Salutes 56k-ers*.
  4. Has Shamus been informed of this sudden change to MP?
  5. Well, I guess everyone will want to see these: All that has been modified since my pictures is all Mojo's work btw. I.e the face, the head and the hands.
  6. I could post the ones I took a while back but firstly they aren't up to date and secondly Mojo told me not to so... with his permission I could, or he could do it himself.
  7. Shamus doesn't have every second to himself, he can't spend his entire life updating the site. Oh man this is becoming just like the VE mod for Elite Force I! Everyone asking when it's coming ! Help us all! In short: the site will have an update when we have a new stride in development.
  8. Does this mean you can take pictures of levels but not player models ? Well if you still need me for the screens of Kyle, I'm ready and waiting.
  9. OK, I've sent an email to one of the authors for the Jerec and Maw models. Yes I said one, there are two of them, a modeler and a skinner. I sent the email to the modeler. Don't worry though I told him if he needs to talk to the other creator, the Mod team understands. Now all we need to do is play the waiting game. Incase we never get a response, I suggest getting Hap Slash to be our character modeler; of course we might need him anyway because we still need Gorc, Pic and Boc. To my knowledge anyway. EDIT: OK, he replied to my email and here's what he said:
  10. This may have been answered before (I checked the FAQ in the DF2 mod site but didn't find the answer I seeked) but are you guys going to be using the Jerec model made by Reaper's team for the old Jedi Knight mod? It was the only model of Jerec created and it seems a bit pointless if we get someone to completely remake him when we have access to another one. I still have the Jerec model floating around somewhere on my old PC's hardrive so I could look into getting permission for you guys if you want. But first of all I need to know if you already have the model. EDIT: Actually I don't think it was created by Reaper's team. Even so, if you want, I can still get permission for you guys. And here's a screenshot just incase I wasn't specific enough: Sorry about the poorness of it. For some reason I couldn't get Mod View to work with it so I had to use Milk Shape.
  11. Has anyone else had any trouble trying to get to the DF2 Mod site? I'm trying to see the texture I submitted on the actual page because Shamus said it was good and he'd put it up, I just can't seem to get to the site. When I enter http://shamusworld.gotdns.org/df2mod/ in my web browser it just doesn't load at all.
  12. They came from LucasForums, I just looked for them in the smileys list and put them in my signiature. Mojo: Great work on the level, still waiting for the PM though, or do you want me to send it to df2modtryouts@yahoo.com instead?
  13. Yes it will be the same as in JO and JA. That's what Mojo said.
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