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  1. heck yea just waiting for the 16th of march a little bit of warmup for battle field
  2. Although if a bug is released on the XBox version you are just stuck with it.
  3. True, but if you work it out you can usally rush them and get the job done.
  4. Man, pulled out the dictionary and everything cool:D
  5. This is very true. Bait us in and let us swallow it whole just like they have done with Galaxies. I bet a lot of people are playing right now just to get up enough money to buy there own star destroyer while they have been paying 15 dollars just to kill and wait. I don't have a problem with that as long as the expansion does not suck
  6. The one I would like to see would be the B-Wing. I think this is the best ship in starwars because it looks like they took a ship and said how many wepons can we pill on it.
  7. I have herd that this is already in the works. They did not say it was for the hoth mission but it could not be for anything else
  8. Already Pre ordered Battlefront Will most likely get Republic Commando as well
  9. I herd that kassik, home of the wookies, was one. (wrong spelling) That might be one of the episode 3 mystery planents
  10. Just have a bunch of ewoks throw rocks at the death star. Seeing that rocks can take out a "armored" stormtrooper why can't they take out the death star. The return of Simon the killer ewok
  11. When I read that the first thing I thought is I get to kill gungans that game is worth double the money just to beable to do that. This game is going to have it all and I already can't wait for the mods. (whoa slow down)
  12. This is a quote from a artical on ign Visually, the game looked impressive on all sides, with the PC, Xbox and PS2 versions looking best in descending order. The models from all versions are spot on, from the Droids to the Spies to the killer ATSTs. The backgrounds are even more impressive with all sorts of details to discover. Players can walk around just seeking out the spot they've always wanted to explore in the movies, and there will be creatures, structures and special things where you would expect them to be. If you go to the desert of Tatooine, you can indeed find the Sarlac, which is, eh-hem, full operational. If you sneak toward it and an enemy unit is nearby, throw a grenade and watch him catapult into the air and land in the Sarlac. What a great mini-game! All sorts of filters are used to give the game a softer image, and to distinguish closer objects from farther ones. These filters give the game a glow that works especially well in lighted areas. It also helps bolster the colors of each area, avoiding the obvious trap of black darkness so many games seem to offer. There are all sorts of realtime, dynamic lighting techniques implemented. Players who choose to play on Endor will see God light, or distinct light rays piercing though the trees and that cast light upon your character if you walk in them. You'll be able to shoot into the trees and watch as leaves are blown off. If you aim well enough, you'll disturb the birds in the trees, and they'll go flying out in frightened flocks. If you walk into the water, it moves around you well enough, but by shooting into water fish will float sideways to the top. Go to page three Sounds like they have the graphics thing coved and they are still in pre alpha. Man I can not wait for the sarlac pit. This game is going to rock
  13. There is also some new screen shots post I think. Pre Alpha and the already like it! They must do some kick butt work. I hope they keep it up
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