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  1. grind through all 32 professions.
  2. Kel'Dor...yea But Jawa or Kel'Dor
  3. Boba was commando-ish He had a flamethrower
  4. should be called Lucas Galaxies
  5. i belleve its a mod because when the invisible second blade touches you you take damage its just like a staff, but with one blade invisible
  6. Has anyone seen this mod on any websites? Its like a staff, but only one blade shows. I've used it in singleplayer via a cheat but i dont know if its possible to use it in mp without a mod, and anyone knows where to find the mod it would be appreciated thanks
  7. thanks..could you point me to that mod?
  8. Hey all, I have my own server and the JA+ Mod installed(1.8 i believe) I was wondering if it would be possible to get me and a few buddies on one team and a whole bunch of spawned jedi and sith on the other team... any help appreciated also....we cannot give color to the Server name, we've tried many times before...the ^4 or whatever color code wont work.... any help appreciated thanks in advance
  9. /amlogin "admin council password here" /npc spawn "npc name here"
  10. Legion of the Force is a new clan, we just started a few days ago, we have a server and a website under construction feel free to drop by the website at http://legionoftheforce.bravehost.com And feel free to drop by our server {LoF}Darth Bane[sL]
  11. i agree, he probably wanted the weapons for himself. if he was sent by the cult, fett wouldnt have said WALK AWAY JEDI
  12. you gotta force push or pull 3 or 4 of the red things on the wall
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