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  1. PS2 All the way! I am also planning on forming a clan "Dark Forces" (website is already in the works)
  2. No offense or anything but that's the dumbest thing I ever heard. What do you mean you wouldn't want Star Wars music inside the game? That's so stupid so you think vader had a little stereo sysem in his helmet where he played the Imperial March every time he got out from the shuttle? That would be really f****d up if there was no music during the battles. It first of all hypes you up and all that. Secondly it's amazing and creates the Star Wars atmosphere in the game.
  3. Hmm... I was just thinking about the weapons in SWB. They said we are gonna eb able to use blasters, mines, rocket launchers, droids and some other stuff, but is it only going to be like Blaster, Laser Rifle, Laser Carbine and that's it? I wondered if there might be at least some of the weapons from Jedi Knight Series. I believe it would be ebtter than just 3 types of balsters which are only different from each other by how far they can shoot (short range - blaster, medium range - laser carbine and long range - laser rifle)
  4. Hmm all that I have seen from SW Battlefront are: The Trailer The movie of Battle on Naboo with Clone Troopers and Droids The movie on Yavin 4 between Rebels and Imperials The Video Inetrview of direct executer I know there is another interview and gameplay movie on IGN site however it's only for subscribers. If anyone got those two could you please post a link or somehow share them with the rest of us who can't view them and if you know of any other movies that I didn't mention here please post it also.
  5. Excelsion i never said that PS2 got better graphics than PC or X-box i just simply wanted to prove that it ain't bad as you all think. It might looks just as good as X-box does. Secondly there is tons of ppl playing PS2 online. Just look at game such as Socom 2 which beat the online record of most subsribers ever not only on PS2 but in all games. Everquest and THPS are another exaples of how many people actually play so that's not a probelm. Thridly $100 buck on a Hrad-drive is nothing, as it also includes FFXI. It aint a problem is like buying 2 games. The only thing that only pisses me off at this time about PS2 and X-box is the number of ppl playing i would really like 32 rather than 16 players, but that's about it. And as for mods u never know if they are gonna be released for the consoles the harddrive is a new thing and it wouldn't be a big problem of finding a way of implementing Mod tool into the consoles.
  6. GamsSpot Preview "...Star Wars Battlefront will offer support for downloadable content via Xbox Live, as well as support for the PlayStation 2's hard drive" "While it's hardly surprising to note that the PC and Xbox games run smoothly and feature detailed graphics, the PlayStation 2 version is probably the most surprising of the trio. Told ya that PC aint so special anymore
  7. Well I don't want to start a controversy here or anything but it really pisses me off people when you say this is better that's better. If you like the PC controls more don't say they are better but simply that you like them better. You are not right about that fact don't say something that's it's not true and is only ur belief. It's like me saying that PS2 controls are better even though I may think that they are it doesn't mean they are. Different people different preferences. I can personally prove you that the animation on the PC and X-box are way worst than the ones on the PS2 and GC, whether you believe me or not. Yes the PC and X-box got amazing graphics but that's the resolution and shyt. The other part is the animations, motions of characters and stuff which as I said look bad. They move like robots in many cases and are very stiff. Both use the same processor that's why X-box is just a PC inside a box. You will say WTF am I talking about and how would I know. Well I got all the systems. I buy games for PS2 unless the Resident Evil Series for GC or Halo for X-Box. However I remember when I compared games such as MOH: Frontline or Sport games on those systems I could really see a difference in characters movement between PS2 and the PC and X-box. Also when I watch any type of game show i can easily know what system the game is on. I just see the difference right away. Well if you don't agree with me then don't say shyt untill you try playing the same game on different systems and see for yourself cause you will. And if you don't then you are just so blinded by what other peple say and commercials and stuff and are one of those people that no matter what you tell them they always think your wrong cause they like something else. Well peace out.
  8. I want to see some screenshots of first person view of the guy and inside the vehicle. All the screenshots and movies feature 3rd.
  9. It doesn't matter what the PC will have better graphics and more ppl. I hate sitting in front of dam monitor uncomfortable looking at this gay 17" monitor and using dam mouse and keyboard. Lagg and Visual issues are huge too cause you always need the best hardware to actually play the game. And the dam connecting problems and stuff. As for Playstation 2 and X-box you sit your ass comfortably on your cauch with a beer and some food beside you. With Home Theatre system bringing surround sound and 52" TV screen. Relaxing on the on the comfortable leather seats with a very comfortable and practical controller in your hand. That's what I am talking about and I dont wont to get into any arguments over which system is better or not cause you already know what think and neither me or you going to change our opinions so don't start war in this post.
  10. Long Live Empire! However in several occasions such as the hoths battle I will also take over Rebel side to fly the Speeder and tie AT-AT's legs it's gonna be a whole lot of fun. As to the newer times I am going for the clones. I hate droids.
  11. Darth Marc yes the visuals and more ppl are definately a plus but as for me all i care is the number of ppl. However as to the mods PS2 HD is comin out next months and all kinds of mods and update will be available for the PS2 games such as SW Battlefront.
  12. I just want to get an idea where every falls in. I personally will buy it for PS2. Don't really care about better graphics on other systems.
  13. Ok this post is designed to post links to sites with movies of SW Battlefronts (past, present and the future). I know there is a trailer which is really sick but I also know that there is another movie/s available. One of them is on IGN website but can't view it since I am not a subscriber. If anyone knows where to find some movies or find some new ones in the future just post the link here so we can all enjoy them
  14. Ok I know there is lots of ppl really waiting for this game to come out and all of you have different things your looking forward in the game. This post is designed to write anything ur excited about and you can't wait to do in the game. Please Share Your Excitement With Us Ok looks like a I have to start. I am a "Huge" Star Wars fan. I just love it, but there haven't been too many good Star Wars games that gained my attention besides the great Rogue Squadron series. It's never the way I want it, never enugh Star Wars like. I really have high hopes for this game as I know already it's going to rock my world. I been never excited this much about a game in my life before. I just can't wait, this game is gonna be the craziest game of all (at least for me). I will prolly need a diaper when i get it and I will prolly faint too lol . So yeah there is alot things I am really excited about and just can't wait to actually do some of those. 1. Hoth. This is what I am most excited about. Ok I am gonna be sittng in my AT-AT (oh Lord have mercy! lol) and closing up on the base while the speeders are flying by trying to get me down. Just walking and shooting them is gonna be so much fun like holy *edit*. But that's not even close to being a rebel on Hoth. Dam me and my friend wan to take the Speeder and lets pretend I am gonna be the pilot and he is going to be the guy shooting. We close up on the AT-AT (that's where the headsets come in handy and add so much fun to the game), I go around it my friends shoots the rope and we tie it up, blowing it later into pieces (It's hard to explain my excitement but thos of you who are the hardcore Star Wars fans know what I mean). I will never get tired of it. 2. Endor. This is gonna be sick as well. I wanna be a scout trooper and jump on one of those Speeder bikes and just ride around and chase others at full speed (aka ROTJ), this is gonna be wicked. Also can't forget about the AT-ST's and shooting Ewoks and stuff (For Christ Sake I am sweating as I am typing this) Those are the main things I am excited to do in the game when it comes out ( i knew some more but forgot ). I think the game is gonna rockoz and just can't wait till i get it. The headset makes the game twice as much fun as you can organize fun battles and such. It's gonna be a blast. So yeah that's what I am really excited on doing in the game. How about You?
  15. I know it's kinda early but since the game is coming out in fall which isn't so far away when do you think will the demo come out?
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