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  1. MI4 takes place after their honeymoon, so Guybrush would be either 20 or 21 in the game.


    LordTrilobite, he gets a grog from the micro-groggery without incident. So he's either 21, or the employee at the micro-groggery just didn't care to card him.


    He was actually given Grog Jr.

  2. Dear doctor,



    I've finished Lair of the Laviathan three days ago and I just can't get ms. Morgan LeFlay out of my head. I think I am in love, and want to find a similar one in real life. Am I normal?


    Yours Sincerely




    You're going to have to get her out of your head,

    she just got MURDERED by the Marquis De Singe!


  3. And did I mention The Last Express...? :p


    Also, let us know how you get along with those games.

    He said in the last 2 years.

    Nevertheless, The Last Express is totally worth playing, even though it suffers from the King's Quest syndrome of having to redo part of the game because you didn't do something you needed to. It's even worse here, because it isn't always clear when you need to be somewhere.

  4. Moai Better Blues is probably my least favorite episode, but it was still enjoyable and had several laughs. I may have been swayed by my aversion to talking babies. Yeah, and I'm totally hoping for zombie action next episode. *crosses fingers*

    I totally agree. I haven't played much of Moai Better Blues, but have read much about it, and it IS my second least favorite, due to lackluster music(the tracks that Telltale posted are the best of the original tracks), and apparent lack of a true villian(unless you count the ghost of Mr. Spatula). It would have been better with an actual volcano god.


    My least favorite is Situation Comedy, mainly due to rather lackluster music, most of the original tracks were short fanfares, though the Midtown Cowboys theme was quite enjoyable. "They're probably hiding a cow!"

  5. I think that the Telltale forum is good too! Also, what I think Season 2 need is more mindless violence. You never really see anyone get clobbered in Season 1(outside of the boxing glove scenes in the Ep. 6 ending), so it would be fun to see someone, be it Sam & Max, get beat up on screen, like in Hit the Road. I loved it when Sam & Max set off the alarm in Bumpusville, and get pummeled by Lee-Harvey. No reason this couldn't have been done in Ep.4 - there are lots of windows in the White House for Sam & Max to appear at, and Chuckles even says "And stay out!", just like Lee-Harvey.

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