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  1. Well we will never get on in this world if we don’t try, and try in numbers always works, obviously we haven’t got the “cutting edge” Sad eh just thought we could be a pirate for a while it would have been fun!
  2. Well it was late in the night when I send you all that message-looked fine by me at the time (to much Grog). What I was saying without any riddles this time. I have looked at allot of your complaints about their is not/or is going to be a Monkey Island 5. Why don't we all do a mass e-mail campaign from this web site, even other web site to Lucasarts for MI5 (lets be pirates). We could e-mail all over the seven seas, well its is worth a try?
  3. Well “ The first Monkey Island is the best of all the pirate adventures games, looking for treasure, gold, silver, doubloons, even sleepy lagoons, and of course after a hard days pillage just, go and rest for the night with my wench “ I WISH “ What I am saying it is 21st century its a game be a “PIRATE” we want Monkey Island 5 just e-mail :monkey4:
  4. Hi all you Monkey fans (time passes quickly) I played the first game MI1 long long time ago just before the first Gulf War. Playing, Full Throttle, Sam and Max, Kings Quest Games, The Dig, Discworld, My favourite except for Monkey Island was Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis just to name a few, as the list is endless and still have the originals in the loft and play them occasionally " sad eh":) "Oh how can I get a picture on my message?"
  5. "Yes" she let me take the mug and I still had the coffee mug!
  6. I was playing Monkey Island 4 with my new mouse pad. When I was in Guybrush restaurant trying to get the monkey mug. I pressed a few buttons don't know what I did suddenly the mug was mine without going through the bit with glue, poster, on the coffee mug. Has anyone had the same experience as me?
  7. Hi thanks for your information I had to return to a saved part of the game, as I could not move Guybrush at all. Have played the game before along time ago I could not get used to playing with a game pad “old adventurer see” mouse only me, however I have a new up to date squash buckling game pad seems to be working well any way here goes.
  8. I have managed to get all of my crew, except when I get to the two Pirates playing darts in the scum bar, I give them the gouverners work permit and then I lose control of the game ie Guybrush can't move on any further, (the game is still moveing it is just Guybrush that seems to be stood still)
  9. Hi All great web site: I have been a fan of Monkey Island games from day one, however I cannot get used to playing Escape from Monkey Island using only a game pad. Having been playing with a mouse (point to click) for years. Is there a version out there that is mouse-orientated help please?
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