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  1. Just to chime in on this, they had Gunships in space in the Clonewars cartoon. Just close the side doors and you're ready to go! Of course they would suck in a dogfight (slow and low HP), but being a transport ship, that is the point.
  2. On the official Battlefront site it has 2 alliance vehicles, the GIAN SPEEDER & the Combat speeder. What maps are they on, because I have never seen them! Also arn't there supposed to be ships on the kamino map... I remember some screenshots of them but havn't seen any...
  3. You got it. I played on a 60fps server and it was awsome till more than 4 people joined... then it was lag city. I hope they can fix it though...
  4. For those who played the PS2 Demo, the rebel sniper has a disguise ability that they could use instead of the droid. I thought it was cool & it made the snipers a little different per side. I assume they'll add it in when they add spy's in the expansion ;-)
  5. Hit F2 to get a bot to jump in and take the gunner position. F works for switching as well...
  6. Yeah, definately playing in 3rd person looking at that... pretty reflections though, those must be cloud city. Someone should make a rebel blockade runner map from the beginning of A new hope. That would be sweet
  7. Some sweet pics. I don't think I will be playing in first person perspective though.. 3rd person looks much cooler...
  8. All I know is that you can't use PS1 controller in the demo. Unless they fixed it, I would say no.
  9. Thats why I am buying the PC version.. they can always add features!
  10. Way back they spoke of wanting cross platform play. Given all the articles I've read saying how different each platform is, I would say NO. Also, if it says that you can only have 16 people online for PS2 but 32 for PC, they must not be compatable.
  11. Fileplanet has added high resolution trailers... http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/145773.shtml
  12. So did anybody actually get it yet? Alot of people said they were going to get it, but either a) they didn't or b) they are too busy playing to post here. When I called my bestbuy, they said they had it but can't sell it till the 21st.
  13. Dude, you know that the rebels will win & the imps will fall... And whats up with your avatar... are you an imperial spy?!??!?!
  14. Gamespot.com has the last 2 planet preview movies. Thats right, view Kashyyyk & Bespin in all their glory... kashyyk is alot wetter than I imagined it to be... http://www.gamespot.com/pc/action/starwarsbattlefront/media.html
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