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  1. Sorry for reviving a dead thread, but I haven't found the answer to my question. I did the following: swkotor.ini [Game Options] GUIsInScreenShot=0 EnableScreenShot=1 Easy, the hard part is trying to take the HUDless screens. Seeing how I have a laptop, I don't have a PrintScreen or F13 key. What can I do to rebind a key for screens?
  2. DKothos and VKothos are found in reborn_twin.npc, and they don't use sabers. Force and melee only.
  3. Short of re-skinning the Mara Jumpsuit file (not a bad idea), how about PMing Buffy? Buffy has like everything PCgamemods ever had.
  4. You were wrong, it needs to be a .pk3 file. Like Crow_Nest said earlier, make the changes to the necessary npc files and save only those files as a separate zMoreHealth.pk3 file to overwrite the original. Better to play with a few hundred kbs, instead of 600someMBs.
  5. We all know that one's lightsaber is a personal design/representation of the wielder. With that in mind, I'd love it if we can design our own hilts for ourselves and others to see. If they can implement some sort of copyright/ownership file server, one can share their design with others, so long as the original designer gives permission. A made saber and gives a copy to B. C likes B's saber and wants a copy, but has to go ask A. A no stealing policy that should encourage modders, don't ya think?
  6. I read recently that most successful MMOs have roughly 1-2 million subscribers, and are still around after all these years. Content is still being developed, and people keep playing. Do those companies want the insanely huge numbers of WoW? Maybe. Can they handle the maintenance behind it? Very doubtful. Much like TV shows, if they made it past the first season/year, it's successful enough. (unless it's on Fox, and the good ones will be canned by episode 4)
  7. Not only released publicly, a version for Jedi Academy too if possible. Drop the red buttons and it'll be Robert Lawson's original (minus the ring) design. /crossing fingers and toes Dang! I forgot to add the Jedi Wave.
  8. 7 months this time. Guess who they're gonna make into an action figure? And some more comic characters from the Expanded Universe.
  9. Wow, 13 months eh? Well, let's add something substantial, like a Darth Talon WIP. Too bad the Imperial Knight request thread degenerated/died quickly. Still want a IK species pack.
  10. Sweet! How about smoke puffing from the nostrils every so often?
  11. I hope he eventual gets in too. With Spider-Man 1 & 2 laying the groundwork, have a laid-off Oscorp scientist steal tech from the glider project and Doc Ock's arms to change Mac Gargan into Jameson's super-agent to go after Spidey.
  12. Yes, I know it's reviving a semi-dead thread, but it's my thread and here's some new info.
  13. Grats dude. I assume the Jedi mind trick doesn't work on her?
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