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  1. I am nervous as ****. The EU is so vast and well-put together. I'm worried that Disney will **** all over it. Lucas has been alright about respecting the EU stuff, for the most part, but Disney is uncharted territory. Here's hoping it's Thrawn Trilogy stuff... - PR-0927
  2. Haha thanks, much appreciated. Yeah, I kind of came to a decision based on input from other forums and some friends already. Nobody responded here for quite some time. xD And thanks for the heads up on NCIX - I'll check them out! I was concerned about integrated or barely-discrete GPUs (GeForce GT 620M) running 1080p displays well, but I did a lot of research and found even that the latest integrated GPUs (Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge ones) work totally fine (and even can run some games surprisingly well) for 1080p usages. - PR-0927
  3. Yep, and no it certainly isn't - I have very good eyesight and love for pixel density to be as high as possible. Some don't prefer it, some do. A friend of mine has a Sony VAIO Z. It's 13.1" and the resolution is 1600x900. And honestly, I'd prefer stuff to be scaled smaller than his. I can still differentiate pixels too easily on his. - PR-0927
  4. This is an Ivy Bridge-equipped notebook. Yes, because virtually all quality laptops with a 1080p screen are about that price. And 1080p is mandatory for me. I cannot stand low resolution displays. Gaming I do on my hand-built desktop. Well it's not my ideal dream machine, haha. I need a lightweight, portable, quality laptop for law school. I have an extremely high-end gaming desktop for gaming purposes, but I might do light gaming on this. In the end, what I said earlier in this post should answer some questions. Also, the RAM is necessary - people were reporting that with 4GB some tasks were handling less than optimally. Only $21 to go to 6GB. And again, I don't care about the discrete GPU much - it's such a weak one that it's barely above the integrated one. But this one is genuinely the only one you can open up and fiddle with. The UX31A variants are soldered down and cannot be modified (RAM or HDD/SSD). That last factor, and the mandatory at-least-1080p-display thing of mine trump pretty much everything else. - PR-0927
  5. Well the i7 and i5 series of CPUs also differ in performance, and can make an impact in even non-gaming activities (on a laptop especially). And who knows - what if I do some extremely light gaming on it, or want to watch/edit 1080p movies? Or perhaps even do some media editing (photo or video)? But I'm getting this variant because of two main things - the 1080p display, and because it's the only one you can pop open and modify (for the RAM/HDD). - PR-0927
  6. Yeah, I can't since I start law school in the fall and those won't be released until 2013. Plus, I'll just do a full wipe and install once it comes out anyways. - PR-0927
  7. Yeah, totally agreed - I asked around on other forums too, and that's basically the input I received. Actually I started considering the Sony VAIO S (15") as well, but when I learned that the SATA bus was limited to SATA II speeds (because of Sony tampering) and that the display had a bit of orange tint, I was redirected to the Zenbook UX32VD. Thanks for your input! - PR-0927
  8. So I'm going to be buying a laptop soon for law school (moving out to LA to go to USC Gould School of Law). And I'm just stuck between these two beauties. Please read the rest VERY carefully if you care to give any input. The ASUS Zenbook Prime UX32VD-DB71 is a 13.3" ultrabook with a 1080p IPS screen (matte/anti-glare), a backlit-keyboard, a low-power Core i7 dual-core Ivy Bridge (will this quickly feel slow and obsolete?), a GeForce GT 620M, 4GB of DDR3 1600 SDRAM, and a 500GB 5400RPM HDD (with a 30GB iSSD - it's one of those hybrid drive things). Not a fan of the low RAM or slow HDD (I abhor 5400RPM HDDs). But, if I buy that laptop, I can purchase the following two things and swap out the RAM and HDD (RAM will then be 6GB): http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147163 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231481 It's a great laptop. But it's by no means a super-powerful PC. It also has no optical drive. But it looks beautiful. More importantly (I pretty much don't care about aesthetics), its portability, battery life, and weight are quite nice: http://www.xoticpc.com/asus-ux32vddb71-preorder-p-4682.html The Clevo P150EM is a 15.6" gaming laptop with a 1080p screen (matte/ant-glare 95% NTSC Color Gamut option available), a backlit-keyboard, a quad-core Core i7 Ivy Bridge, a GeForce GTX 670M, 12GB of DDR3 1600 SDRAM (the upgrade from 8GB to 12GB of RAM is free!), and a 500GB 7200RPM HDD. It's a wonderful laptop as well. It's not exactly the most mobile or light, nor is its battery life amazing. And its design is fairly bland/blank. The screen resolution is the same as the Zenbook's, but since it's 15.6" rather than 13.3", the pixel density is less (meaning it's not as sharp - it also is not an IPS screen). But it's HIGHLY-customizable and very powerful. Anything and everything can be upgraded on it, and the backlight features on the keyboard are pretty awesome: http://www.xoticpc.com/sager-np9150-clevo-p150em-p-4341.html In the configurations I want them (the Zenbook with the separate RAM and SSD purchases, vs. the P150EM on that above website), the price is only $1 apart. What do I do? What would you recommend? I will be taking my gaming desktop (Core i7 920 @ 4.0GHz, GTX 680 SC+, 12GB DDR3 1691 RAM) with me as well. But the swapping of parts in the Zenbook may be an overall pain, and may be nerve-wracking. Thanks in advance for any advice I might get! - PR-0927
  9. I think EA freaked out and did something very large firm like: https://twitter.com/#!/origin_EA/status/170297689869795329 They were promising it'd go until March 5th. - PR-0927
  10. Pre-order Mass Effect 3 on Origin today, get BF3 for free. And yes, if you already own it, you still get an extra copy: https://twitter.com/#!/origin_EA/status/169548412470046721 - PR-0927
  11. This was filmed partly in Cleveland, Ohio! Roughly 50 minutes North of me! Sadly, I did not see the set, although I know a few people who did. - PR-0927
  12. Blasphemy! Personally, I found F.E.A.R. to be a bore. - PR-0927
  13. Epic thread hijacking is epic. - PR-0927
  14. Bumping because I'm addicted. Any other BF3 players here? - PR-0927
  15. Agreed. Sorry Alexrd - you don't seem to be understanding my points, and I disagree with basically every premise of yours. To me it matters who made the addition - if Lucas, I am likely to ignore it, because of his track record of making some remarkably dumb changes/additions. Escaping from the Sarlacc is very believable if you're covered in body armor, have a jetpack, detonators, grapple hooks, etc. and are renown for being a total badass. The Sarlacc kills by slow digestion, using acids - anything that falls in it unlikely to get out. Escaping Maul's death - I simply have a very hard time suspending my disbelief. And in my previous statement, I thought the logic was VERY clear: "And yes, if Maul was resurrected and there were MAJOR series (not comic books or lesser-regarded novels) depending on his resurrection, I'd accept it." If Maul was crucial for the story of so many legitimate series, then I'd suck up the unbelievability of his resurrection. But I'm not prone to, especially as nothing is dependent on his resurrection. And because I'd prefer to not having to do this in my head every time someone is unnecessarily resurrected. I can pick and choose what I want to follow - that's the beauty of being a SW fan and an EU fan. I disregard much of the comic stuff and I ignore anything in TCW which contradicts what well-established EU authors have already written. No one can do anything about it. - PR-0927
  16. My point was that it's Lucas - I don't trust any decision of his anymore, and I'm often disregarding his changes/inclusions of stuff (no matter what anyone says, Han shot first, dammit). Additionally, cutting someone in half (severed intestines and no body waste systems/reproductive systems, woot!) and sending them down a seemingly-bottomless pit (pits which are connected to reactors, I might add) is quite different than knocking an armored mercenary with a jet pack down the throat of something that does not kill immediately. The believability matters, very, very much. And yes, if Maul was resurrected and there were MAJOR series (not comic books or lesser-regarded novels) depending on his resurrection, I'd accept it. I just don't want anymore "returning from the dead" people now - it's overdone. A few times was enough, and most of their non-deaths should be accepted, IMO (I really disregard Palpatine's rebirth though, since SO MANY fans and authors do, myself included). But no more, please! But that's not true - there are varying levels of canon. Even more if you add your own personal interpretations of everything into it. - PR-0927
  17. Well, it wasn't Lucas who resurrected Fett (this matters). Plus, entire series of books (especially the recent Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi series) fall apart if you don't have Fett being alive. Plus part of the NJO. That's way too much dependent on his already widely-accepted escape from death to ignore that. Palpatine's resurrection was done by a guy who wasn't surrounded by additional material - plus that was a comic series, which is generally accepted as "less canon" than the books. Also, plenty of EU novel authors have tried to "undo" the Palpatine resurrection - Zahn mentioned it as nothing more than a rumor in his books. I also ignore the Palpatine resurrection. - PR-0927
  18. That's because CoD super-arcadizes everything with very unrealistically fast gameplay (rapid firing, easy kills, etc.). CoD also uses auto-assist to make aiming/hitting enemies child's play. - PR-0927
  19. I haven't had this much fun in an FPS since BF2. I actually am very much liking the story - the beta confirmed I'll love MP (I played a lot of Caspian Border); only been playing SP so far of the retail. Jaw constantly hanging open. Also, Operation Guillotine on the hardest difficulty is the hardest level I have encountered in an FPS. You get shredded and don't even know what hit you. - PR-0927
  20. I am. Big time Battlefield fan here. Have had this pre-ordered since May. Is it can be Origin ID sharing time? Mine is PR-0927 (same as my Steam, if we also want this to be Steam ID sharing time). Hope to see some of you on the Battlefield! - PR-0927
  21. Lucas is a ****ing moron. Savage Oppress was among the dumbest characters I have ever seen. And now he wants to bring back Maul? I was/am very supportive of the EU keeping Fett alive -Boba's a ****ing badass. But bringing Maul back kind of...nullifies Obi-Wan's beasting. I don't like it. Also, unless they fix the inconsistencies they caused with Karen Traviss's Mandolorian stuff, I couldn't give a shabla (hehe) about the "canonity" of TCW - Traviss's stuff is WAY superior, as is all of the EU. I mean what in the flying **** was that "father, daughter, son" thing in TCW where Anakin was shown his future and then had his mind wiped? I"m fearing they're gonna' **** it up real good in this season with Death Watch and label the Fetts as part of that - even though a tremendous amount of EU is firmly established against that (and very much in line with Traviss's stuff). - PR-0927
  22. Hmm, I guess I'll give that a try, but I don't think it'll help in the GPU acceleration department. - PR-0927
  23. Sorry to do this (again), but I'm in need of tech support. Here's the deal: Original thread: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=351036 - PR-0927
  24. I don't recommend a voltage increase - it causes increased heat, and if you don't have the right components to deal with that (nice heatsinks), you could seriously damage stuff. Also, typically voltage increases are done to help overclock, not underclock. If underclocking with the stock voltage didn't help, I doubt that's the problem. I'm thinking perhaps a fresh OS install, yet another GPU to test, or a faulty motherboard. I recommend Guru3D for assistance with this - the website was primarily built around GPU enthusiasts and evolved into a hardware enthusiast place, meaning the GPU-affairs knowledge there is brilliant. - PR-0927
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