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  1. Sadly, I think what I just wrote on a different forum fits here too well: StormHammer, Dath - really sorry to hear that guys. Keep your heads up. - PR-0927
  2. Thanks for the input guys, I appreciate it. I ended up downloading Ubuntu and installed it to a DVD. I ran it off the disc, copied important files to my USB key, and then wiped the hard drive. Upon reinstalling Windows, everything worked fine, and a diagnostic I did showed my HDD as healthy. I'll look into the UPS stuff, thanks! - PR-0927
  3. I don't have another power supply available to me, but I somehow doubt that is the problem, because it's a fairly decent one (Antec TPQ-850), and because in the "system repair" details, it listed the cause of the not-being-able-to-boot as one problem: "CorruptFile." Rhett, I tried the "Last Known Good Configuration" last night, to no avail, sadly. Would you recommend re-formatting if I can plug my HDD into a friend's SATA-to-USB dock and copy important files to a different location? Are there disadvantages to going about the "Windows.old" route? Does it seem pretty much out of the question that I will not be able to restore my previous Windows installation? Also, on the Guru3D thread here, one guy theorized that the HDD is bad. But if it was able to do the whole "system repair" thing on its own (no Windows 7 install disc), isn't this unlikely? I appreciate the help guys - thanks so much for replying! - PR-0927
  4. Sadly time for my periodic "need computer help, copy and paste thread from Guru3D into LucasForums" thread. Any and all help appreciated! Here's the thread I made at Guru3D regarding this: - PR-0927
  5. Consoles are the worst. PC gaming till death. - PR-0927
  6. Can't help it. Proud elitist gamer here. CoD is horse**** to me. Zero innovation, same engine since CoD 2. Not fun at all for me. And as a PC gamer, the industry is moving in a horrible direction with these ancient consoles. I care deeply for gaming and follow every nook-and-cranny of developments in the industry. CoD has been worthless. An anti-gaming-innovation prick runs Activision like a cost-minimizing filthy oil company. Regenerating health sucks dick. WAY too arcadey, oriented at making games easier. Unlike CoD, BC2 implemented it in a positive manner and still had useful medics - better than nothing, but the regeneration has got to go. Old games were far more epic. I'd kill for a JO remake. - PR-0927
  7. Because Activision, and CoD in particular, are harmful to the development of the video game industry. CoD is pure recycled garbage. No innovation whatsoever, OLD graphics, OLD gameplay, just reskinned games. Activision causes dead studios right and left (they seem to kill off anyone who tries something new/different - their kill count grew extraordinarily in 2010). The *******, Bobby Kotick, runs the company primarily as a money-grabbing firm, and barely as a video game one. He doesn't play games and is just really out of touch with the gaming industry, which I hold dear to myself. Plus, the majority of people who love CoD and have brought it success are console gamers (and frat bros...ugh). And I'm pretty much a huge console hater at this point. Downright amazing PC games and franchises have been killed off in favor of mainstream-ized, EASY, old-graphics, arcadey games. Which is why I'm thrilled that DICE is making BF3 primarily for PC, then porting it to consoles. This is how it should always be. Games should be developed for the most powerful/innovation-encouraging systems. Not ancient hardware like the Xbox 360/PS3. Regenerating health, small maps, easy gameplay, and anti-teamwork games have got to stop. - PR-0927
  8. Word. Personally, I hate CoD. With a passion. The gameplay is not innovative at all and is unnecessarily faced paced for a modern shooter, teamwork doesn't exist, the maps are small, there are no vehicles, the graphics (and game engine) are SUPREMELY DATED, and is overall extremely arcadish (dual-wielding shotguns, knives that kill a person no matter where they hit, knives that shoot across the map and reload in seconds - the real-life version of it takes 20 minutes to reload). And to top it all off, the franchise is milked to death - Bobby Kotick needs to die. His public quotes about supporting exploitable games that don't try anything new make me furious. I'm a hardcore Battlefield fan. Meaning CoD is nothing but a steaming pile of **** to me. I pre-ordered BF3 the moment I heard about it. Nothing comes close to Battlefield gameplay (for online MP). Also, PC gaming FTW. Anything that works against PC gaming (CoD and their ****ty console ports) is pure evil, in my book. - PR-0927
  9. A very Activision thing to do. But I was sick and tired of seeing so much Guitar Hero, so I'm glad it's gone. Only good thing Activision has done at all in recent memory. Now if they would only get rid of CoD... - PR-0927
  10. PR-0927


    Exactly. And unless the game has some in-game check on running it on multiple computers at the same time (like BFBC2, which will boot off one player from being logged into the game if it's running in two places and logged in with the same account - this kind of thing pretty much happens only in games with log-in features), you can run it for LAN or whatever. My roommate, brother, and some friends all like to LAN up Sins of a Solar Empire. Impulse doesn't even need to run. Only disadvantage is that you need Impulse for patches for all games published by Stardock, but that's not too much of a problem. And the games store is smaller than Steam's, but it's pretty decent nonetheless. - PR-0927
  11. PR-0927


    No Internet connection needed, and Impulse does not have to be running. You just install the Impulse client on any PC you want the game on, and download and install it. Only DRM you'll encounter is anything already in the game from the developers (like the nonsense 3-installs-limit for a very small handful of games). Stardock (the company behind Impulse and the brilliant game Sins of a Solar Empire) doesn't believe in DRM usage, at least in the contemporary sense - you can't get game patches for games published by Stardock from anything other than Impulse, but that's the only thing. - PR-0927
  12. PR-0927


    Precisely. Steam is annoying in this regard. Nope, just like Steam, the game installs itself to your computer, but not in any obnoxious Steam folder - it the folders that would have been created if you had the disc. - PR-0927
  13. PR-0927


    I like to advocate Impulse. It's DRM-free and lets you play games without having to run it in the background. This also means that you can run the same game at multiple places, at the same time. I've decided to make all digital purchases off Impulse from now on, unless it requires Steam to run in the background (like Civilization 5 or Empire: Total War). The pricing tends to be the same or similar. Just got Company of Heroes: Gold for $14.99 off Impulse this Thanksgiving Break. But Steam is alright. I abhor the lack of profiles for games and the lack of running a game in multiple places at the same time, however. - PR-0927
  14. Movies: Inception Games: Mass Effect 2 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Halo: Reach Music: Soundtracks for all of the above. - PR-0927
  15. A vote against Apple here. I'd recommend looking into the Samsung Galaxy S, or better yet, it's soon-to-be-released "successor" the next Google phone, Nexus S. My friend has a Galaxy S and it makes me jealous that I don't own an Android device. And yes, I abhor iOS compared to Android. For the most part, I abhor all things Apple. Just putting that out there. Couldn't resist from recommending a phone that I see as better than the iPhone 4 in almost every way. - PR-0927
  16. Never said they had NO quality. Just reduced quality. Well, to be honest the theme of the game matters because it drives the story - and as we've already discussed here, most "classic" SW fans tend to take OT-related stuff as better in story (including myself). Quality control is indeed an issue. - PR-0927
  17. Not necessarily, but a focus on toy-production will always help. Read up on Gary Kurtz's comments on all this. It brings an interesting perspective. George Lucas made it a profit-loss situation more than anything, which is deeply saddening. Quality is defined by, for SW, the classic SW fans, who loved SW before the PT, IMO. It's subjective, but there is objectivity in it as well. OT definitely trumped PT in quality of story and character connection. I again point to Gary Kurtz. And saying that the PT "could never have the same feeling as the OT" is REALLY a what-if scenario - no one can adequately discern this. Your statement is unnecessarily definitive. No one said the OT was superior in every regard. I certainly don't think so. But overall, it is. As for CW stuff - I LOVED the cartoons, which were NOT directed by Lucas (thank God). The CG movie was an embarrassment to SW fans everywhere. I've heard the new CG shows are pretty decent, and do intend to watch them. But this isn't where it stops - the milking of CW nonsense has permeated video games to a sickening degree - LucasArts is basically one of the ****tiest gaming companies around, which has been exacerbated by the horrid CW-themed games (SWRC is an exception to this). And the EU books dealing with the CW tend to pale in comparison to other-era EU books. To be fair that's only a sect of Mandalorians. That being said, I bet a lot of people won't get that. - PR-0927
  18. People have a problem with it because it often results in him creating new things of poor quality or reducing the quality of existing things, in order to maximize profit on potential toy and paraphernalia sales. In fact, his obsession with toy sales is one of the primary reasons the movies started decreasing in quality after ESB (although I personally loved RotJ). He found he was making more money on toys than the movies, and decided to focus on movies with easily-exploitable characters/vehicles for toys, rather than a solid story. This was the problem with the PT and all this Clone Wars nonsense. Low-quality goods. As someone above commented - it's about diminishing returns as well. - PR-0927
  19. I'm going to be honest. I ****ing love the EU. If it weren't for EU, my love of SW would be severely diminished. But I was getting the feeling that he liked the PT more than the OT because he seemed to be justifying George Lucas' recent cash grabs. And umm, Boba Fett surviving FTW! Seriously. I love the stories about him in post-RotJ EU. Karen Traviss made one blunder - killing off a widely-beloved character in the Legacy of the Force series. Her other stuff I could deal with, and somewhat liked. This was unforgivable. - PR-0927
  20. ROFL. You do realize that this particular direction of story is generally hated by most EU authors? In fact, certain books even snub that entire story, in-book, and help to discredit/de-canonize it. And pretty much most EU fans regard that as garbage. Bad example. I get the feeling you're one of those who think the PT is as good as, or better than, the OT. Please prove this feeling wrong. - PR-0927
  21. I genuinely don't think that anyone will care enough about such a ****ty story and game series to harass these folks. - PR-0927
  22. Music was good, yeah. TFU III likely won't happen, with the news I read. Hopefully it won't. Over-the-top stories are much more sane than TFU II's. I want good stories! None of this DragonBallZ-esque Force powers meets a storyline hemorrhage of Twilight meets Howard the Duck. - PR-0927
  23. I couldn't care less about awards (or sales, if anyone mentions that - CoD sells well, but is a horrible franchise). TFU's story was pretty good, but TFU II's was like a prepubescent girl on crack wrote it. Gaping plot holes, no reasons for anything, very disjointed story overall. But I'm still shocked anyone can think either story is better than JO's. Nothing beats straight up OT stuff, Kyle Katarn fighting the Remnant, Desann and all. And while you're entitled to your opinion, I do maintain that there is no subjective basis for judging this game - as a fact, it is, downright bad (the story too). And yes, anything is better than CWRH. That's beyond embarrassing. - PR-0927
  24. LOL troll. Or noob. First post, and it's of all things, in favor of a pile of dog ****. - PR-0927
  25. You're joking, right? No one has ever doubted the superiority of JO and JA's story to TFU II. And while the story of TFU might be better than JA's, it FAILS in comparison to JO's. And no, people don't need to stop comparing the games. They're both lightsaber combat games with Force use, and ought to be compared. Are you secretly a LucasArts employee? You're making laughable excuses for everything. "Get over it?" Are you serious? If they spend this much money marketing a game, and then demand YOUR money for this piece-of-**** game, you have MUCH MORE than the right to complain about every aspect of it. And you seemed to miss his point - he elaborated on the aesthetic, but TFU II fails in basically every category outside of the aesthetic. Piss-poor excuse for a game. I'm so glad the development team was let go for this garbage. Hopefully LucasArts will cease to be a company if they keep producing **** like this. They went from my most beloved, to my most hated company, in 5 years. - PR-0927
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