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  1. 850,000 posts on lucasforums / jedi knight series games. Make another we demand it ! ! I'll put my name down for a new release: Emperor Zod Dont let this series die !
  2. ctf_empires is available at: chopshopservers.com/downloads pcgamemods.com/jediacademy/ctf lucasfiles.com/jedi academy/multiple gamemodes So far EXCELLENT reviews on this ctf map that you should grab right away! It's under 5mb to download and has already shown to be the greatest of all jka ctf maps ever. Players can find this map on chopshopservers being played daily usually in the evenings, or download to your server as it has ffa/tffa modes built in with spawn points. Any comments, questions, post em here and enjoy!
  3. Finally Im in the presence of fellow fraggn professionals. Greetings to you all, and sincere gratitute for your understanding. I've noticed a huge diference between the ut2004 forums and the forums for jedi academy. They have all aspects of the game listed as topics with hundreds of posts in each. We don't want ravensoft to make us a jedi ut2004, we just wanted the jedi outcast game to be exactly the same and better. I can appreaciate the huge density of modders and jedi followers alike who run their servers they way they like, its a mind blowing element to the game to have such variables. The cry again is for the gunners who were impacted with the great jedi outcast, which I would say alone is 10x ahead of what 2004 is. 2004 is point shoot, jedi is force, sabers, and now really cool ninja stuff. The sniper gun alone in jedi outcast is beyond any ut sniper rifle, and they are copycating the siege element of gameplay that jka has brought us. From playing the entire jedi series on pc sw has always brought us more then we could have expected. Have any of you ever tried enterthematrix ps2 multiplayer mode fighting? Im talking blocking and counters like real jackie chan stuff, its all pre scripted and shot on video then modified, its not arcade style up/down block or hold back but when blocking the action has sequenced the hand/arm and body positions which allows in turn the craziest move sequences/combos like what you would see as if real life. After watching the new sw galaxies saber movie its kinda like that. TRUE TDM/FFA RULES
  4. oE|EmperorZod here with a cry from thousands of Jedi series players. Does Ravensoft know that there was a huge amount of players who play true FFA and TDM on jedi outcast and Jedi academy? Im talking no saber only and no changes to force regain or any other server setting. The only games available now are all saber only, or have the force regain turned up all the way. Do you guys actually look at the internet lists of servers that are up? Is it not easy to say that allowing such foolish settings ruins this game? After all, its designed the way it is and tested the way its intended to be right? Well, after playing true ffa for 2 years on jedi outcast I joined oE, a gun clan. Our favorite game ever for our clan is Jedi Outcast, but what I was surprised to learn, was that there were many many other clans who played true FFA and TDM, even starting their own leagues and such. They all have stopped playing Jedi Academy, and my clan is in considerations to disband the jka division. So of course im left upset, my favorite game happends to be jedi academy, its unbelievable in all aspects, from ninja wall climbing to golon blasting and force jumping across huge distances. I will continue to play this game online, finding the odd odd true server in FFA mode, such as huntingwabbits server which is tryning hard to get a following. The gunners I have played with say that the sniper rifle was seriously changed from a quick shoot mode to a slow firing mode, seriously ruining the once great weapon, as well as the pistol, which now has been made twice as hard to frag someone with. The slowness of missles and other weapons projectiles has let those gun ffa users all down, disbanding clans such as RISE, OBSIDIAN EMPIRE, IMAGE, ALT, AEROPLANAX, and countless others. Solutions? A patch that disallows server force changes? The sniper rilfle the same as in jedi outcast? The gun prjectile speeds turned back up? A dip in the pocket from the billionare lucasarts for some FFA servers to host true FFA? The NOOBS of the game are all expierencing saber only full force ...im sure thats not a GOOD thing. Long live jedi academy and may the next part include saber fighting done in the dynamics of enterthematrix multiplayer fighting.....now consider that.
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