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  1. Yeah, sure, go ahead. I probably wont be around to use it much anyway
  2. Do you want me to put your name on it?
  3. I know I hardly ever come 'round here anymore,.. heck, probably less than half of you know who I am anymore. But, I thought I would grace you with my newest creation
  4. Heh, heres a little something I took the time to put together. If no one else wants it, I'll give it to TK-8252.
  5. I can't do it. I have a copyright protection error. Any way around it?
  6. Thanks. But I'm happy with what I have now. I kind of like it a little better.
  7. Zappa_0's is bigger than that. Thats why I thought mine would be ok. But I can shrink it if I have to.
  8. I am only getting the size in bytes with these particular images. Any ideas on how to make the image sizes smaller?
  9. How much is mine? Sorry, I don't know how to tell.
  10. Well, I updated my Signature and Avatar. What do you think?
  11. Lol, nice one. I think the same pair of glasses would be good.
  12. Anything really, including games.
  13. Really helps alot Zappa_0. And after watching Call For Help too...
  14. Waoh, sweet guys! Thanks! May I make one more request though? I like MarcusLeCoy's the absolute best, so can you add the glasses to this one too?
  15. Nice! I can't wait to see more of that game. Its so innovative.
  16. Hey, anyone know of any good video capture programs besides fraps? Maybe something that'll let you capture about a minute?
  17. Heh, nice one TK' Anyways, just sitin' here. Nothing else, just siting in front of my PC, watching treads.
  18. I'm not going to argue with you. But I'm not sure its a good idea to post that here. Reason being, it might compel others to argue with you or your reputation may be lowered. Just a couple of thoughts.
  19. Hey, would anyone be interested in adding sunglasses to any of these Yoda pictures?
  20. Heh, I tried to shy away from that comment;) Yep, and thank god for that.
  21. Who knows what lurks in the dark, dank, shadows of JA servers these days.
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