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  1. I love Dantooine so I'm taking that and blowing Alderaan into dust. Ohhhh and I like Naboo so I'll take that too.
  2. Naboo is actually a Imperial hub. Swarming with stormtroopers.
  3. Alot of RTS do there own online hosting. It just shows LA don't have enough faith in the game to pull the extra cash out of the coffers to make it a huge scale RTS.
  4. Dick Cheney doing Chewbacca!! j/k But the voices from the video seem promising.
  5. George Bush doing the Vader voice!! <gasp>
  6. Some more SOE spin.... Star Wars Jedi at War!!
  7. Graphics are the path to the darkside!! Graphics leads to lag, lag leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.......
  8. If heroes are just going to dominate you will see nothing but heroes on the field. Like Rohan in BFME where you only built heroes cause they were that powerful and could wipe out entire armies. If they are this powerful there had better be a way to turn them off online. I don't care if they use Kyle I like his character in EU. The game isnt set in the films so they get some flexibility when it comes to the content that goes into the game. Thats why they choose the route of EU so they get much more creative freedom and are not bound to criticism by the films hardcore fans.\ Tanya in the xpack could take out tanks with ease since she got the ability to blow them up with your charges just like a building.
  9. Guys!! I'll bring Sony over here they will find a way too fit Jedi in.
  10. Gameplay>Realism for those of you who are a bit slow on the intake.
  11. Well when heroes die on the battlefield I don't see it as them dying but just incapitated and then they are revived at the command center or whatever. Gameplay>Realism A game is just that a game it has no plot it has to strictly follow to keep the story going because it has to bend the rules to make the game playable and fair. It would be too frustrating ohhh I just spent 5000 credits on my Obi-Wan. Look my enemy just focused fired him with his entire army there goes the credits in a matter of 30 seconds.
  12. All Wookiees must die!! The Emperor is the peacekeeper in the galaxy he was just trying to bring balance to the force and love... a little aggressive negotiation never hurt anyone.
  13. I liked the first one better but this had a small touch of gameplay in it with the moving of a small group of troops.... The first one had a more movie feel though.
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