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  1. Suzi could be played by that woman who plays Mimi on The Drew Carey Show.
  2. Is the song 'Killing Me Repeatedly' about early Sierra adventure games? Because that's what they did if you made a wrong move. Feel free to say 'yes it is, you moron' if it actually is, but not if it isn't.
  3. Works fine for me, no crashes at all. Except, the paint remover doesn't make the paint blotch disappear, rendering it impossible to get upstairs and fix the wiring.
  4. *is downloading as he types* This could be bordering on the sacreligious...
  5. Ah yeah, I thought about that...most of their other stuff seems legit though. Here's hoping, anyway.
  6. Take a look at this: http://www.gameplanet.co.nz/ Scroll down the pagea bit to see the report...or here it is if you're especially lazy... --- Microsoft to Save Sam and Max Posted by King Prawn @ 8:21 a.m. NZST Microsoft announced today that it had reached an agreement with Lucasarts and would be publishing Sam and Max: Freelance Police exclusively on the Xbox. The game was most of the way through its development when it was cancelled unexpectedly almost a month ago. Microsoft have recruited LucasArts alumnus Justin Chin (Dark Forces/Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight) to oversee the completion of the game, now expected in the fourth quarter of 2004. The follow up to the critically acclaimed 1993 adventure classic Sam & Max Hit the Road will dispatch the Freelance Police into a wild world of screwy and vaguely quixotic missions. Each one will be jam packed with nerve-jangling action, brain-busting puzzles, and the kind of easygoing banter one might expect from a talking dog and a naked, hyperkinetic bunny. The sequel moves away from the point-and-click nature of the original to make both Sam and Max fully moveable characters. In addition to the singleplayer adventure Freelance Police will also feature a cooperative multiplayer mode, with two players taking control of both of the main characters. Sam and Max: Freelance Police will also take advantage of Xbox Live with an online co-op mode and downloadable content promised. --- Well there you go.
  7. Never knew there was an Enhanced demo. Nice one.
  8. I've known about this thingy for some time. You can also view it with MM v1, type "maniac demo" (without quotes) at the DOS prompt instead of just "maniac" when running the game. Had I known it was 'lost' I would have sent it to someone who could make use of it.
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