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  1. If playing through gamespyware is the only way you can play online i might have second thoughts about buying this game. Gamespy is loaded with spyware (mainly tracking cookies) that send back info to gamespy and IGN on what games your playing. Also if you dont use the paid version you are bombarded with advertising and have to wait for the timed advertising to stop before you can even log onto the main server. Not my idea of a good online game experience. Bad idea in my opinion. This is a good way to ruin a potentially great game.
  2. If this rumor is true this has got to be the best marketing plan for a game i have seen yet. Imagine how many potential copies of Star Wars:Battlefront could be sold if a demo is included with possibly (probably) the most popular and anticiipated DVD trilogy set ever. Even if a fraction of the people who get the trilogy purchase the game, it would still be a very, VERY big seller. I would think that very little additional cost would have to be put forth to include a demo of the game with the set. Certainly one hell of a distribution channel. Someone at Lucas Arts had there thinking cap straight when they came up with this brilliant idea to expose the game. Your thoughts?
  3. Not exactly a good thing. Do you actually want a buggy release and patch later mentality from the Devs and publishers?? (and having a HDD doesnt exactly mean timely releases....HL2, Doom 3 , just to name 2)
  4. Dont be suprised if this game gets pushed back to 1st or 2nd qtr of 2005:confused:
  5. Hey ...thanks for the input guys. I actually used a code to unlock the Falcoln and some other ships (starfighter etc..) so i didnt do it the legit way , but i only tried it on one level. The ship is pretty cool though. I have not gotten any gold medals. Mostly bronze and a couple silver, but thats about it. thanks again
  6. IGN had some PS2 shots. In my opinion pretty unimpressive. The foreground models look fantastic, but looking at some of the background models and scenery reminds me not to get this game for PS2. But as stated above...its early, and im sure the finished product wont look this bad.....at least i hope not
  7. Hi Has anybody beat Rebel Strike, and got at least a bronze metal in every mission. Im trying to unlock the Falcoln, and i need at least a bonze in every mission. If so, how is it flying the Falcoln in this game. Is it worth the effort to try to unlock it? thx
  8. Thanks Im waiting to see some of the Hoth footage.
  9. If Microsoft has its way i dont think a PC player and a Xbox player would be able to play eachother on the same server. I have not seen any X-box live games that allow PC gamers to join and vice versa. It would be nice though if that was the case. More players and more games available for players if both platforms were interchangable while online.
  10. I would think all of those would be in there. Except for maybe Alderran.....we never really did get to see that planet in the movies.
  11. Oh ya. Im also hoping for a Geanosis arena battle. Something similar to what was seen in E2. With players able to pilot transports loaded with clone troopers, and possibly the NPC's such as Yoda, Windu, and the other Jedi's. Being able to pilot the transports successfully to the arena would be a key in winning the battle. Also im hoping that they soon release some more preview footage of additional planets. Especially Hoth. I think ive seen enough of Naboo already
  12. If Pandemic releases a SDK or some kind of Mod development kit, we could definetely be seeing some cool EU stuff. I cant see them not releasing the mod tools to the public. Look at the following that BF1942 is getting. A good part of that success is because of community mod support.
  13. "Every vehicle has to make sense" Star Wars is fantasy. None of the Vehicles make sense. Ever try to get a Y-wing or a B-wing off the ground. The Wright bros. would have a better chance to get there first plane in the air, than try to make a Tie Fighter air worthy.
  14. Hi Im a big fan of the SW novels and was wondering if anybody else is? If so what are you reading now? Im about 3/4 through with the Han Solo Adventures written by Brian Daley. Next is probably going to be Tattoine Ghost or the next novel in the NJO series.
  15. My name is Mark. I live in Rochester NY. I own my own business. Im a network architect, and cable systems installer, for a good part of NY and the northeast. My hobbies are Computers, Gaming,Ham Radio, Starwars (games, novels and some collectables..mostly expanded universe). Ill be getting SW:BF for PC and Xbox. Nice to meet you all
  16. Hi I will be getting Battlefront for xbox at home, but im definetely getting it for the PC for the office. Looking forward to this game
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