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  1. I never got bit harder on a game than SWBF. I got up at midnight to get the DVDs and game. I took a day off of work to play with it. First disappointment, NO VOIP, I was ticked, man they jipped us. Find out like a week later they pulled the plug on it at the last minute. Then I saw the first person graphics and thought "Man Im glad I ate breakfast three hours ago cause Id be throwing it up right now" Graphics were awful, then the netcode was an absolute pile of crap that never really got solved. Granted there were some fun moments but they never even fixed the game. NO WAY I WONT PAY. Maybe if I find it in my kids cereal box Ill give it a whirl. In the words of The WHO "We dont get fooled again"
  2. Reinstall, more than likely some file got misplaced.
  3. The graphics and MP bother me the most. It looks like they are not going to improve on anything but rather add to it. Like putting more features on a car that doesnt drive as well as it should. The graphics in the game were not done very well at all. Not very sharp but rather fuzzy. Like your looking through a camera that the lens is smudged with Vaseline. Like I said before, http://www.jeditimeline.com Jedi Time Line is coming out in November and if its as good as it boasts then no need to shell out more $.
  4. I hope they dont make it a whole new game but rather expack for PC. Its just too bad for the Xbox and PS/2 players that have to buy entire games. Its not like a whole new engine. Theyre just adding to it. Public outcry had been asking for those things since the Battlefront conception. I think that most players will shy from it until a demo. They will likely release it with the EPIII DVD. If the HL2 mod Jedi Time Line is released with all the bells and whistles then Battlefront 2 is going to have to have alot to it to get my $$$.
  5. They are working on another patch. They likely want this game in tip top shape for EPIII. Likely more people will buy it then. Yes it was released too soon.
  6. Check out the main page, it should be posted as part of news.
  7. The beta testing sign up still has room I believe. Its not difficult to get set up. "You know what theyre up against, they could use a good pilot(player) like you..."
  8. Post a couple of screenies too if you can. thanks:p
  9. My guess is that they wrote the net code for the Xbox and PS2 and not enough for the PC. I dunno Im not an expert but they obviously are aware of the situation and they likely want to have a fix before Star Wars EpIII comes out and brings in more players.
  10. It would be sad if they just left it be. Meaning no more patches or things. Oh well then
  11. There are new maps that people are making. Thats about it.
  12. Highly doubt it. There are areas that need improvement first.
  13. Not sure what forum this belongs: While the game is alot of fun. Many PC users feel there are aspects to the game that need improving. Im not going to turn this into a Bash Battlefront Thread, please dont. Just to make PC players aware of a mod for HalfLife 2 called Jedi TimeLine. It will have Jedi vs Sith, spacebattles, movie battles, and expanded universe (ie New Jedi Order). While it will be a few months til release, everything is looking good. Check out the forums. http://www.jeditimeline.com
  14. Ill agree it was for the console. Now if they fix the MP issues and redid the textures then I think youve got something, Im not holding my breath. I shouldve held out on this game. Now I see why they didnt have a demo. But two of my favorite frachises met BF42 and StarWars I couldnt pass it up. There is hope for PC users http://www.jeditimeline.com Made from the HL2 source engine. Lotta cool stuff.
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