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  1. ill tell ya kind of person i am,im a kind of person that really wants sam and max 2 back,i dont like indiana jones because i saw one his movies i thought it was pretty boring,when i heard the 4 or 5 games about it i was soooooo not interested.but this is about sam and max and we all have to do everything in our blood,guts,sweat,soul,and pride to bring it back.
  2. jeez i guess i was wrong.monkey island 4 was awesome but the puzzles were very hard and fustrating.im no indiana jones fan,i dont like star wars that much anymore.they're cocentrating the most on star wars more than anything.they should stop doing that since every star wars game is very boring.but yeah lets hope they release more squels games after episode 3 of star wars
  3. husirus,what makes you say that.we can all hope about sam n max 2,day of thetentacle 2(maniac mansion3),monkey island 5,and lots of other great games,but right noe lets concentrate on this game and hope to get it back in production.and lets never EVER lose hope
  4. oh ok freddy tell gabaz i said thats an awesome site,and i dont understand whats happening here.
  5. maybe we should represent something very good that will make him changed his mind about the cancellation,maybe something memorable or somethin thats more like a sign to the future about how big of a mistake he made,if you dont know what i mean,just say im not too bright thats why my name is braindead
  6. thanks samandmaxfiend,but the problem is that i cannot post a reply,isnt there any other places? P.S.anbody else wants to join the sam and max vs lucasarts campaign???
  7. thanks for lettin us have the campaign there,and welcome to the team pork_soda
  8. freddy,that is one hell of a website,i will say yes to a lucasarts again until they realese sam and max 2,freddy how would you like to join my campaign along with brushguy and samandmax fiend,i know your standing up and fighting im proud of that,but someone like you would be awesome to have on our team,so how bout it?
  9. brushguy is it possible if we can have our campaign at the save sam and max 2 site?
  10. samandmaxfiens and brushguy welcome to the team i really appreciate it
  11. WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAT how could they do this to us,why why,i am soooo p*ssed i could scream and shout,well im not gonna put up a squel to one of the most best defining classic games go to waste.we have to do somethin about it im thinking of startin a sam and max 2 vs lucasarts campaingn if anybody wants to join me e-mail me and we'll do a meeting of what we can do,whos gonna stand up and fight???? if we do this we shall be the heroes of the squel to sam and max and lucas arts.if lucas arts dont go back in production with the game i will hate them FOREVER.im even hoping of a day of the tencle squel,if they decide to do that and then cancell it i will be super pissed. anyway this is about sam and max anybody wanna join my campaign on what we can do to get the game back in production e-mail me and youll be a member
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