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  1. yea if the AI is anything like that in bf:v it would be horrible. The AI is pretty bad, but its still kinda fun to blow them up. Id like to see an actually advance AI system in battlefront
  2. I hope not, because those are the soldiers im going to play whenever possible. I highly, highly doubt that there will be any variant of hit points, exept for maybe the destroyers and special classes for each side.
  3. my main thing im looking foward to is playing the droidika. that is probably going to be the funnest thing i can do. o and play all the other battle droids, im a huge battle droid fan. The tanks will be sweet and the At At will be nice also, if it is done rite to size!!!! thats the only thing im worrying about, map and vihacle size. But im looking foward to everything and i cant wait to see the movie fro the kamino world
  4. theres lots of diffrent types of stormtrooper armor and rebel outfits and wat not. It wouldnt be to hard to impliment. Maybe have diffrent colored shoulder bands showing rank, like the droid army has yellow on their droids for higher ranking soldiers.
  5. never, ever, ever listen to release dates from gamestop, bad idea. ONLY go by the offical LA website and what devs have told you. Gamestop guesses on release dates and games always seem to get "pushed back" because retailers think its comming out to soon
  6. Think the vihacles are big enough? the one republic tank looks really tiny, it should be bigger
  7. nice!!!!! i like the genosians, the bug people there pretty sweet, the backround graphics look a little bad, is that going to be fixed?
  8. i always build a wall around my base as soon as possibel, with two ground turrets for every 5 sections of wall, and for every two turrets it gets a anti air to cover that. then i double up the wall with shild generators inbetween them for extra protection. then sence im always trade federation, i get tons of droidika, ground troups and usally around 20 units of air fighters, along with assualt mechs to take out buildings and anti aircraft artillary for those pesty aircraft. My plans are more detialed then this but this is jsut a sumed up version
  9. my scanner is night working atm.... sorry guys and gals
  10. if theres any other questions about the article feel free to ask, i got like 3 gaming mags today and 2 of them have stuff about SWB, so il see wat i can come up with. O and you should go pic the mag up, some nice screens
  11. XBN got a pretty interesting look at the game, i give a few of the things they said (march addition) "Rebel pilots are wimpy, but tehy can repair ships and also use grappling guns to hoist themselves up to the underbelly of the huge AT-AT to blow it up with explosives" "Even with its multiplayer guts not fully intact, Battlefront hints at a great time in the making. It's Hard to tell how the game's framerate will turn out, but Tso says 30fps is a sure bet." "A game like this sinks or soars based on the stregnth of its vehicles. Battlefront certainly does not disapoint. Here, players will be able to mount and ride tauntauns, X-Wings, snowspeeders, AT-STs, and spider tanks, among others. Certain vehicles accommodate two players, one driving and one manning the guns-and the larger units, such as the Empire's AT-AT's, will be able to transport units above and behond the two-man crew"
  12. Id hope they have a huge variety of weopons, because the star wars universe is full of diffrent weopons. Shouldnt be limited by just what we see in the movies.
  13. im a pc guy, i always feel more comfortable with a mouse and keyboard. Plus it usally runs a lot smother and gives you a little more control, usally better graphics and more people
  14. hm ok, for some reason it looked new to me
  15. http://www.pcgames.de/external/browser/?article_id=269020&image_id=385891 anyone seen that one before?
  16. so am i, i wanna see how they did AT AT's. how many people do u think it cna hold?
  17. howdy!!! im new too, but im newer then you!
  18. http://www.lucasarts.com/ its the screen of the week if you guys havent seen it already
  19. if you guys havent already checked this out http://www.lucasarts.com/games/swbattlefront/planets.html two movies on two diffrent planets, it looks pretty good!
  20. im downloading it right now, wat version of bf1942 to run the galactic conquest? because i have the game but i havent updated anything in a wile
  21. big everything!!!!!!! i especially want to be big!
  22. i think having both is good, as long as theres somewhat even amounts of infantry for both sides, not one side have all the vihacles and the other side have very little. Both will also be more interesting tactic wise
  23. i think locking on would be a bad idea, but a diffrent sight option and maybe have a crosshair or a dot or something if you see them ne ways. they could easily add like a power pack bar and you could only use it for a limited time.
  24. but are they planning to make one? rite? so its not all speculation
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