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  1. Any chance of someone making a scripting tool just as powerful as BehavEd, only comprehensible enough for a human to use?
  2. hey, you suggested those to me for my mod! Besides, it's already in the script. You can't have it! Anyways, if you need some Alpha testers, this sure sounds like fun, so you can ask me!
  3. Bug Raven for the code. There lies the answer...
  4. Okay, could an admin move this to coding?
  5. No, those are for the NPCs. he's talking about the NPC classes, like CLASS_DESANN or CLASS_REBORN instead of desann.npc or reborn.npc
  6. Once, on jk3files Picture of the Day Crapfest they had a pic that was a hilarious... german-text joke. No one went to the trouble of translating it.
  7. Hmm, well, I really can't answer you there. Doesn't make much sense to me, but it uses the Quake engine. But DirectX works in ways not always apparent to you. Like FPS enhancements.
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