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  1. I just formatted my computer's harddrive and just reinstalled JA, but whenever I go to a big level like Rift Sanctuary or T2_Trip there seems to be a problem that makes the map super foggy for me. It actually looks like fog to I can only see about 5 feet in front of me. Please help!
  2. I had to set a static ip...hey is there a way to change your username?
  3. First of all does your ip HAVE to be static? Ok I have done (or at least I think I have) all the tweaks on my linksys router's page. I forwarded the ports, checked the correct box, and disabled that wab or whatever request. Whenever I try to start an online game I load the mod, go to create game, and set it to Dedicated Server: Internet. I start the server and I can join and stuff, but NOONE ELSE CAN! Also I added the ip to my favorites and my server name shows, but it only has a ping of 1 (when empty)? Shouldn't there be more? Oh yeah, and my server.cfg seems to restart and not work? When I join the server it says Welcome to the server! Put your MOTD here., and even council_pass wont get me logged in. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help in advance. BTW My server's name doesn't show up in the main list.
  4. Why in the world won't any modeling program I get open/import JKA model files? I have Gmax, Anim8or, and Blender. I don't want to use a complicated modeling program. Any suggestions?
  5. Ok, I went to this site: http://jk3hilts.evilzz.net/. and downloaded some sabers, but whenever I select the blade it goes back to a normal saber when I start the game up. Ihave JK3 with the 1.01 patch. Any suggestions?
  6. I want to get rid of a certain model's pouch belt and such but I have no idea how to do so. Any suggestions?
  7. Thanks a bunch! BTW, will the other players be able to see my model?
  8. I want to play with models like Marka Ragnos and such, but whenever I try typing model marka_ragnos into the console i get a message saying something like missing animation, bone for model or something like that. Any ideas?
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