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  1. I would very much like to know where you got it. And i was wondering if its possible to get it at walmart, citymarket, or safeway.
  2. The imperial ship would work quite well on the tatoonie city map.
  3. I can see your concern but things will be moving so fast on it you'll proably only see the enemy bases. Anyways just ignore the radar and have fun with the game. I mean if you look at halo you'll see that radar in multiplayer usually means you were staring at it the whole time.
  4. There is a slight chance that i got could get my pc by the end of setember but more of along the line of october or november.
  5. Boran i regret to inform you that i will not be able to stay with the clan. The reason is that my pc just broke (My Dog Knocked it over). And now all i have to use for a computer is our families mac. Which means i will most likely get it for the PS2 or Xbox consoles.
  6. Im with you all the way. Coral Sea is definatly the best map on Bf 1942 for dog fights. If they did somthing like this for SWB it would be a great hit!!!!
  7. There may be only 16 maps , so did Bf 1942 and it was a great hit. Iv heard the maps are even larger then the ones in Bf 1942 so it makes no difference. Remember this isn't an arcade game.
  8. Boran the fact that you said i dont give **** about what the soldiers think is wrong. It shows that you would rather listen to bush then the actual people that are there. And who cares if kerry didn't get as high as an sat score as bush. Not to mention kerry is a war hero unlike bush. Which shows he has alot more patrisim then bush.
  9. No offense.. but the war in iraq was one of the worst things america has done in a politicol stance. And boran if you still want to know one bad thing america has done think of what we did to the indians. Not to mention in uganda most of people fighting in the civil war that has been going on there are childern from 7 to 16. So dont you dare say iraq needed to be saved over that. And when you say all the soilders in iraq are supporting the war think again over 50 percent stated that we should not be there. In a war dont you think all the soilders should be agreeing that we should be fighting? And michal moore is no idiot just because he is finding things wrong with your beloved dumbut bush.
  10. Hmm, you say nothing is wrong with your clan van lingo when all your members including you are the problem.
  11. Secondly how would you feel if i went to your thread about the HD clan and started flaming it? You call us immature when you cant even hold your mouth, i mean seriously at least we dont go beserk for no reason.
  12. Okay first of all you have no right to flame on our thread. So go bug off
  13. I did not know there would be a healer class in battlefront.
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