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  1. If there is no way to record a demo through the game itself, you can always use Fraps .
  2. When I play a game on my PC, I usually turn the in-game music off. The reason being: A) it gives me a headache hearing the same tunes over and over again. and... B) the music distracts me. I need to hear where the enemy is. With the music playing in the background during a game, there's a good chance that the enemy may be able to sneak up on me because I didn't hear him. When Battlefront is finally released, I'll probably play it with the music on for a couple of days just to get the total game experience. Then I'm turning it off.... forever.
  3. Maybe, when they say that the demo is 15 minutes, they really mean that its actually a "making of" documentary showing you how the "Battlefront" game was made as well as giving you a non-playable sneak peek at some of the levels. It's been done before. The first tomb raider movie had a 10 or 15 minute demo on the DVD. But it was actually a documentary about the making of "The Tomb Raider Chronicles" video game. There was no playable demo.
  4. CoD Multiplayer is a lot of fun. But I haven't played it in a long while (I'm having some PC problems at the moment) so I don't know if the latest patch screwed the game up or not. I can say this: Sniping is (or was) extremely easy in CoD. The very first time I ever played that game online I racked up a very high kill rate while sniping. So, if the latest patch did something to make sniping harder -- then believe me it's a good thing. That means you have to really train yourself if you want to be good at it.
  5. I usually go by the name Chick With a Gun in a multiplayer game. And sometimes I use my real name Chris Anne . If you're playing the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront then you will be seeing me.
  6. I hate Gamespy too. I seriously, seriously hate it. I prefer ingame browsers.
  7. It's a very safe bet that both sides - Droids and Humans - will have the same HP (or whatever you want to call it). It just wouldn't be fair to the players if they're weaker than the opposing team. It would severely unbalance the game. And I'm sure the developers know this.
  8. I love Friendly Fire servers. It makes the game more challenging and realistic. But I can understand why some people don't like it. Especially when they have to worry about idiotic TK'ers who get their fun by intentionally killing their teammates. But I haven't really had too many bad experiences with TK'ers. I've been fortunate I guess.
  9. That's exactly why I'm hoping the A.I. turns out to be decent. Online games eventually die off as newer innovated multiplayer games come out. Players will inevitably move onto the next popular game. If this game becomes a favorite of mine, I want to be able to play it years later. And its most likely that years later there will be no one playing this game online. So, if the game had a real good A.I., then I would just play alone against the bots and have fun.
  10. Yeah, it is rather odd . But you know what? We're all fans of Star Wars, so it's nice to see other Star Wars games getting a mention here. Also, I'm guessing that there's not a lot of Battlefront news at the moment. Anyway, the game looks sooooo good.
  11. I know, I know -- you're probably asking "what does this have to do with Battlefront"? Well nothing actually. But wow after reading about it and seeing the screenshots, Star Wars Republic Commando is looking real good. And it takes place during the "Clone Wars"! That makes 2 upcoming Star Wars games that I can't wait to play.
  12. This is not the first time this has happened. Other DVDs had done things like this. As a matter of fact, when the 2-Disc Independence Day first came out on DVD a few years ago (I'm not talking about the recent re-release), they included a link to an online Multiplayer game that you could play for free for a limited time on the 2nd disc as well as a full game called "Get off my Planet". I never played 'em though. So something like this isn't new. I plan on buying the Star Wars DVDs in September. If rumors of a Battlefront demo being included turns out to be true--great. Because then I will be able to play it because my brother has an X-Box. But I really rather have a PC demo since I'm not a console player.
  13. I was thinking one Bounty Hunter (or Jedi, depending on what side your playing) would go after the Top player. Here's how it would work. If the Top player is on a killing spree (multiple kills without being killed), then the game would automatically send out a Bounty Hunter to hunt that player down "for a limted time" -- maybe 2 to 3 minutes. The bounty hunter will then disappear from the map when the player: A) is killed B) the Bounty Hunter is killed or C) the 2-3 minute timer is up.
  14. This is the Official Star Wars Battlefront Forum, right? Have the developers of the game ever come by to post here? I'm just curious. I've been on plenty of other gaming forums (most Star Trek games, Halo, Breed, Tribes, etc) where the developers would visit quite a bit and talk with the eager fans who hang out there. It's a good way to keep us informed. And it's a good way to get fans excited. I know some may say that the developers are too busy creating the game and have no time to come by once in awhile, but I disagree. It only takes a few minutes to read and respond to messages on the forum.
  15. 32 is fine. But you can count on some people (if they have a very fast server) will try to fit more players on their servers no matter what the player cap may be. But I have no problem with 16 vs 16. That's still a lot.
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