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  1. A red shot flew past Gus's head. The CIS mistook him for a Clone trooper. He ran until he came to a tunnel. "It's worth the risk." He ran down until he came to a door, he busted it down to find an entire room. Still intact. A bed woven from bamboo and covered in cloth was in the corner. he layed the girl down on it. She was unconcious. Wow. he thought. How is this place still intact? He looked around. Dirt floors. Bed. Wooden table. Off course! He was underground, duh! He would be safe... for now. "Hey." He spun around to find the girl awake. "So, I never got your name." "Gus." "I'm Julie." "nice to meet you." "Yeah, it'd be nicer if we weren't in danger of being crushed by CIS scums." Gus like this girl, she had a sense of humor. He sat down at the edge of the bed. "So...May I ask how you ended up here?" He asked. "I... I don't seem to remember, but I know I don't live in this hellhole." "Don't remember?" "Yeah, I'm not sure why, but I don't." "Intersesting."
  2. ^ Yay! Foil! ^_^ < thinks Darth ave goes to his school (Hillcrest intermediate baby!) V Is really awsme, but insane at the same time
  3. ^ 20 < 12 V 875409436536745619865498658934657198465109782640785642397856102378465089746857623489756908243650893467508634078543689561238967591384065812903475410389765198567012365091264581273650
  4. ^ EHHH! Wrong! < Is trying to reach 1000 posts before Christmas V Thinks I'm weird
  5. ^ Sure, whatever. < Tired V Tired.... er.
  6. Sorry, Tysyacha, I guess I only read a part of your post before answering. *Slaps self*
  7. First, if you're going to flame me *cough* Rouge *cough* go away. You all hate me, right? I'm an attention whore? Right? I'm just a kid who doesn't know crap, Right? Wanna know why? I hate my life. i don't mean to sound like an Emo, but I do. 1) I have all kinds of allergy, sinus, nasal and aches in various parts of my body. 2) I accidentally stumbled upon a porn website when I was 7, and ever since then, I can't stop looking at porno, and some of you are making it worse... I try to quit, but like cigarettes, it's addictive. 3) My friends are assholes. they laugh at me, don't give me very good advice, and talk about porno. I have 2 real friends. My girlfriend, and her frined, who gives me relationship advice. Can anyone help me out? Please?
  8. ^ Right up there with ya. < Hates the world today V Hates the world also.
  9. Sorry guys, I feel mad at the world for an odd, odd reason.
  10. *sighs* Okay, if you wanna know the reason I come on the internet and ask? (Because I actually have been doing that lately) And wanna know why I *seem* to be the attention whore? Wanna know why I act like an idiot? Because my so called ''friends'' are a bunch of assholes. One thinks I'm his frined, while all his does his talk about porno. They all laugh at me when I ask them crap like that. They all give out the ****tyist advice in the whole f*cking universe. ZIP have any relationship related experience, so people like me are forced to ask here. Happy? Good. And if you're going to say get new friends, don't bother. Every moron in my school is that way! I have one friend who's a girl that is best frineds with my girlfriend. SHE gives me advice. She is the closest thing (besides my girlfriend) I have to a real friend. *Runs away crying*
  11. ^ You EAT iguana? That;s scary! < *runs* V Likes mac and cheese with lots of gravy
  12. So, So, burned Rouge, So, So burned... Well then, I'll tell you all this: I'm not trying to be an attention whore, If it seemed as though I was, sorry. but I must agree, that that was the most awsome thing ever, Vlad. Thanks, but you didn't need to, because now, if you get banned I'll feel bad! But thanks for helping me out. Angel Oh, and Rouge.... (I have a feeling I'll get banned for this, but it'll be worth it) At least I can get a date, [insert really insulting word here] *looks for smilie with a middle finger sticking up....* Close enough
  13. The teeheehee thing is my signature. Duh, I'm an angel... a little angel! Hooray! I can be gloomy if you want! Wanna see/ Huh huh huh?*Frowns and puts on black and gothic makeup* Bleh... I'm miserable.... I hate everything! BLEH! *Changes back* Cool, Isn't it?
  14. Dude, that was mean! Hmph! I'm angry for 10 seconds! Teeheehee!
  15. ^ Wrong < Right V In between. Teeheehee!
  16. Teeheehee... I love answering this junk. First of all, you sound like you ewant sex more than anything. that's where you're going wrong. Find aguy, become his friend. That's how I got my girlfried. I was her best friend by the time I asked her out! (And she of course answered yes.) Now we've been boyfriend/girlfriend for 2 or maybe 3 months. She's the kewlest... But anyways, Just make friends with the guy, then wait for a few months... and then go in for the ''kill''. PS You're probrbly thinking. "OMG! I'm getting advice from a frickin 12 year old kid? What a fag!" Well just trust me. I'm good with this stuff. Heh, I watch Dr. Phil and oprah... teeheehee! See ya!
  17. http://www.digitalblasphemy.com/ I've been using that site for a while now, it's awsome.
  18. "I won't harm you, I'm a rouge, a neutral. I left the Republic years ago." He grabbed the girl's arm and helped her walk. "I need to leave."
  19. The patter of raindrops fell and he quickly finished up the wrap. He kicked the empty medical box aside and helped the girl up. "Can you stand?" He asked. "Yes, barely." Suddenly, the sound of running arose. "Get down!" He helped helped her up and set her by a pile of rubble. he ran out and stoped. A squad of Republic troops. He dropped the blaster and backed up. He helped her up again and she leaned against him for support. "Please, She's injured. Shoot me instead."
  20. Lol, You guys probrably hate us, but trust me, RP's are more fun when you know what you're doing.
  21. ^ Umm... Pie! < Is bored vHopefully knows what ritallian is
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