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  1. Yes, I did, but I tried something else too just the other day. I changed the "Wave" setting by moving its slider from the middle all the way to the left (right works too) and it sounds fine again, but some noises that only are supposed to come from one headphone I cannot hear (depending on what I changed my wave setting to)
  2. Gah. I change mine almost every week, but I'm currently using a Halo 3 screenshot from Valhala.
  3. Hah. Didnt think this would grow so fast... I'll have to come back to post, I'm very tired at the moment, so... Well... I've done things Jae said not to post about and I'm not too proud, but at 13, peer pressure hits kind of hard.
  4. Hey all, Just recently I was mixing some music for a party next week (woooot!) So I was messing with some EQ settings after I got bored and then, after I reset everything I went to bed. So I woke up the next morning and I wanted to listen to some music, so I made sure the equalizer and everything was reset, then tried to play a song. So, I couldnt barely hear the vocals (it sounded like the singer had tape over their mouth and was whispering XD) but I tried turning the EQ on and off and nothing seemed to work. Does anyone know whats wrong? I know I wasnt very descriptive, but its kind of hard top describe this. By the way, I'm pretty sure I have Legacy Audio Drivers, and the EQ I use is from RealTek HD. (Maybe I have realtek, I'm not sure because it lists both under devices, so...)
  5. I've never played NWN, it always looked like a pretty cool game, but it sounds addictive Seeing how i already got addicted to Halo, Halo 2, Battle For Middle Earth 2, and Oblivion, the last thing I need is to waste another 18 hours my life sitting in front of my computer with about 400 coke cans on the desk. RA
  6. Chrono Trigger is pretty cool, but I gotta say that the first Doom is pretty damn cool!
  7. No, this isnt going to be one of those religious threads, don't worry. I don't know about you folks, but I've done an awful lot of things that I'll probably go to hell for and I'm only 13 years old, but hey, I call it "living life to its fullest" XD Anyways, the point of this is for everyone to admit to some of their sins they've done. (That way i won't feel so bad about mine ) I'd rather have someone else start off (I just want to make sure at least one other person did something worse than me... you know, for a little self esteem )
  8. I think maybe... just MAYBE I should start reading the whole thread before I post... XD Anyways, Fred Tetra... I remember KotOR tool! I made my first mod with that thing! I've been frequently forgetting to check the forums so I haven't seen him in a while.
  9. Normally, I would go and join a D2 forum and post this, but I figured since you're all so kind and helpful you wouldn't mind if I asked it here... Anyways, I currently have Diablo II LoD (patch 1.11b) and I was told that in the new patch, it is no longer required that you beat Diablo/Baal to access it. So then why can't I access it? Here's what I've been trying: (I have JUST gotten the quest to search for Cain) 1) I go to the rouge Encampment 2) I put Wirt's Leg and a Tome of Town Portal into the cube (I cheated to get it btw, as I wanted to get some XP from the cows ) 3) I hit transmute aaaaand... *drumroll* nothing. So fi theres anything I'm doing wrong, of if theres some requiremnt I missed please point it out for me! Thanks, RA
  10. Interesting... the message still comes up but right now I should only have one day left, but I deleted the file yesterday (2 days left) and it still comes up with two days left, so the count down seems to have stopped.
  11. I've been here for a while so some older members should remember me (Chainz.2da, we even had a name conflict... how cool is that? Uber funniness) anyways I figured I'd re-post since I've changed so much! Name: Jake Age:12 Hobbies: Football, Guitar, Music, Gaming Location: Pennsylvania, USA Music: Lots of stuff... My Chemical Romance, AC DC (no, im not one of those posers who think theyre all cool because they like ac dc, my parents grew up with them and ive been listening to CASSETTES of them since i was 3) mostly 80's and 90's and some hardcore stuff (Egypt Central pwnz) and I hate rap! Games: Gears of War (Xbox 360) Diablo II and LOD (PC) Oblivion (PC and Xbox 360) Single or Taken: (For laughs of course... kind of) Single, despite the fact I havge thousands of girls at my feet who worship the ground I walk on.... creepy, yes.
  12. Oh, alright. So I assume I should try what coupes posted?
  13. Best of luck to you! We will all miss you (although theres a very high chance you have no idea who I am, I'll still miss you) RA
  14. You moderators are so sexy... either that or I'm a huge suck up I think now that I've finally turned 13 it automatically makes me hott as about 80% of the 8th grade girls at my school love me. Now if only I could find a good pic...
  15. Hannabel, Com Raven, and svosh... Even though I can't do his cool little o with the symbol above it... I still miss him. RA
  16. All right, so I had to restart my computer today, and whenever I tried to log on, a "caution" pop-up window came up and said "The software (or hardware or something of the sort, I can't remember) on this computer has changed significantly since Windows was installed. You will be required to reactivate Windows Xp in three days". Or something like that. Alright, so I thought that was normal, although I didn't remember that ever happening before. So I clicked reactivate Windows and it came up with the activation window you get when you first install windows. I clicked activate over the internet and checked "No, I would not like to register my computer with Microsoft, just let me re activate" (once again, thats not exactly what it said...) and hit continue. So now it says that the maximum number of times this product key was activated has been exceeded (once again, it was something like that) and said that i needed to type a different key in. Different key? Alright, so I tried about 15 different programs that would look for my original key (as I had gotten a new key from Microsoft over the phone because I lost the original) and it wouldn't take them... so now I have three days to reacvtivate windows with no idea what its asking of me. Has this ever happened to anyone before or did I really screw something up?
  17. Eragon is great! I'm only startign the chapter "Trail of Oil" right now, but I love it so far!
  18. Chains was my name before Renegade Angel. I think I changed it like a few months after I joined. (I feel old ) I think I'm going to get a name change to Anthem or Red Masquarade... RA
  19. Nice to see new members here. Welcome to LF! RA
  20. (Wow this is going better than I expected!) The morning sun blinded Vallen's vision. He sat down at the table and picked up today's Black Horse Courier. Vallen dropped his mug of coffee and nearly fainted as he read the headline... "Mythic Dawn Has Risen Once Again!" Vallen sat upright once more and read the article. I'm sure it's nothing.... just some false alarm... he thought. The hero that had shut the oblivion gates had defeated the Mythic Dawn, destroyed the lake Arrius Caverns completely... There was no way they could have returned... The article was very lengthy and in-depth... Apparently, a group of 10 bulky, muscular men strolled into Skingrad this morning and rented a large room at an expensive inn. By morning, the "Travelling Merchants" as they called themselves, had conjured the Mythic Dawn armor and weapons and the town was in ruins by morning. "Impossible..." It was then he realized that everyone in the barracks was in shock at the disturbing news. Vallen had delt with Mythic Dawn agents once before, even the lowly members where more powerful than him. (Yep guys, the plot is starting)
  21. Vallen On Guard Duty Vallen And His Camp On Lake Rumare The Dwarven Precision Bow and Gold-Tipped arrows A closer look at the precision bow The Hand Fang The Daedric Glaive
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