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  1. There is a cinnagar war suit in KOTOR 1 don't remember a cinnagar plate armour though?
  2. I doubt it'll be as groundbreaking as the original but i'll probably buy it to give my radeon x800 xt something to play with besides nerf arena
  3. Although the Athlon 64 is aimed at competing with the P4 EE and then it really depends on the game Linky I'd probably upgrade the graphics card before the proccesor anyway
  4. The phantom menace was shocking but i own the worst of all the star wars games ..... Star wars demolition on the PS1 truly awful
  5. Yeah I agree although i dread to think what McG would have done to superman *remebers charlies angels - shudders*
  6. Lost Prophets - Last train home
  7. My first time was 28 hours my 10th time i managed 18 hours with every quest
  8. In a word no, a kiss is as far as it goes
  9. ^^ what he said i dont mind the odd bit of hip hop more the older stuff nothing r&b though
  10. A cool flash game i found the other day, my best is 17512 enjoy Linky
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