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  1. Didn't Marz's first Vader model have more than just a symbol on the back of his cape for team colors? I believe that was what made his original unique from his later versions. If I'm right, I'd reccomend just taking the team color textures from that version and doing what you can if you feel like customizing team textures for his latest Vader model.
  2. I brought it up as part of a review; of what I thought about Marz's latest models that he presented in this thread, and my opinion was challened for some odd reason. Had it not been, further off-topic replies like this one and your reply wouldn't have existed. If you feel the need to drag off-topic subjects yourself, feel free. Otherwise, I'll happily end such with this very one.
  3. I don't spend my entire life worrying about moral issues. I do have a sense of morality and I do spend some time thinking about it, albeit not frequently. Now, if that thinking pattern of yours influenced Lucas's mind, would you have liked it if he made a decision to turn Episode III to an R-rated movie because he wanted to gather more viewers who'd be interested to see one particular controversial scene to show how twisted Anakin became, rather than show an ignition of lightsaber, an evil face, and a reaction of fear (as he did)? That alone could've made Episode III pathetic, neverminding the other complaints people made. And my thoughts are no more radical than the "Honor Kiddies" of JK2 and JA who apparently forgot (and avoided being hit by the clue bat on the way) that it was an action-based game, wasting (up to) $50.00 in order to find a place to chat or "role-play" in, ignoring other, perhaps more cost-efficient options. It's a violent game and most enjoy playing that way (even I), what with seeing other player models "old" or young dying, but I would draw the line if it were children, even if those children are just a bunch of polygons and textures. It just doesn't feel right and waaay out of place, no matter what. Just like using JA as a chatroom when there's a more-obvious cost-efficient way to chat; it's not right. And just because I posted my opinion and some concern does not mean I don't take real life issues seriously. Half the time, however, I'd rather not pay much mind because most tech-savy people generally spread disinformation and hate, and thus are unreliable sources of information regarding more important issues in life. That's true even here, therefore my opinion won't be changed because some felt the need to challenge it for some odd reason. Now, if you feel the need to challenge my opinion even further, I wouldn't suggest hitting the reply button; rather I'd suggest sending a PM to me, as you took the thread off-topic because you felt the need to challenge my morality. Otherwise, we agree to disagree, Lightninja, and I don't see the need to continue this further (publically) on NeoMarz's thread here.
  4. Again, greeted to the place where I've done a decade of browsing into. *shrug* I'm aware it's inevitable, and no, it isn't traumatizing, but then, I find it hypocritical of a community to claim that, by killing the action out of the game so they can use JK2 and/or JA as an IRC chat room or "RPG", that they've made the game "civilized", and I've yet to see said behaviour. So therefore I wouldn't be one who'd use it. An original idea to make a youngling model or two, and they look cute and are nicely-done models, I do like 'em, but I still wouldn't use 'em because of said reason, and for the other reason nobody ever challenged; that--although not very very traumatizing, still disturbing to see children sliced and diced and killed, even if it's just a model or video game, for moral reasons. After all, JA is an action slice-and-dice-and-Force-use-and-blaster-shooting kind-of game. I'd call morality a part of civilization, and the fact that many on this game had dumped it would make me consider not using the youngling models. But again, I'd definately would use Yoda. Nicely done there too.
  5. I rarely post here, but I will in this case. Neomarz, you've done a great job so far on Yoda and the Younglings. However, I can't see myself using the Younglings. While yes, it isn't as violent a game as most others, the violence is still there, and I can't see myself using a youngling and seeing one get slashed. Or see a "foul-mouthed" one even (a guy/girl who is foul-mouthed chatting disgustingly while using the youngling model) It just doesn't seem right for me, both are disturbing images to me, even thinking or imagining it from diologue from Episode III seems disturbing... So no, I don't think I can see myself using the Youngling models. They're still great though, and I can see myself using Yoda. For Yoda though, my problem with it is that the hair doesn't seem right. Aside from that, I like what you've done with it. I'm really impressed.
  6. No. That would be rushing it. You were close to perfecting the whole thing. Just because one person is impatient doesen't mean the majority is. I, after all, was only curious to see how progress was going. You can spend more time on it. After all, art can't be rushed and you are close to perfecting art here. I wish I could help but my talents aren't really good at all... But if you seek someone for help in an area, try your best to get the person's attention and ask and see if he/she can help. *shrug*
  7. I kind-of get where he's going on this Manquesa. I just don't know the method, it just sounds more like web-page designing than modding, in spite of the fact that I'm no modding expert. So then, would you please explain how this would be done then, Thrawn?
  8. I'm not stressing him. I was wondering. I wouldn't even mind if he just stopped thinking about it and forgot it. I'm only curious for information on it. I didn't tell him to hurry up and release it. Heck, do you think I'd be bothering Kevin Coyle about his Ep. 3 Anakin and version 2 of Old Ben via e-mail? I hardly even touched a PM button to even say anything to him. Again, I'm not pressing him, or meaning to as you thought I was... I'm just curious for info. For example, why were you banned, tFP? Or is that touchy information to you as well?
  9. Again, not to sound too impatient, but any progress on this? *shrug* Just wondering...
  10. I think I do get it... But if we take it your way (which I shall call Option One), that's exactly what it'll end up being. Option Two is only one pack of sounds for both models. Option Three is having two packs of sounds, one for each model, with some similarities in small areas... Which would you pick? I don't know about you, but Option Three sounds nicer to me.
  11. So you're trying to say you rather would have Homer in his voice when he taunts or dies, yet in, say, when gasping or jumping or landing, etc. You want him to sound like as that default multiplayer guy voice you hear when you don't have enough sounds or somebody's skin/model? If you ask me, I'd rather have Homer in his original voice all the time.
  12. I'm not the author of the model. I did provide the sounds for it, however. I'll make what I'm trying to say simple enough: Sounds mostly same, except taunt and death sounds and some other things. Now if you don't like a few extra MB, why not just convert 'em all to MP3 sounds or, better yet, edit the pk3 file yourself so both models point to one group of sounds so you can delete the other?
  13. Although Luke was older a bit on RotJ, he didn't look as old as he does in JO and JA... These Luke skins are very nice. I didn't mind the "skirt" part of Luke's Bespin outfit I forgot never existed. What I did mind is the JO/JA outfit being announced as the RotJ outfit when it wasn't. It's still good though...
  14. I believe you are still mistaken. Much of the sounds are the same, granted, and that can't be helped knowing I don't have as many sounds as you think... But a bit more variety helps sometimes. But that's my opinion. If you want, I can slowly convert 'em all over to a mono MP3 just for you and e-mail 'em to you so complaints about an extra 3mb are halted. Eh, I guess I should stop thinking most everyone has broadband now.
  15. Mostly, not exactly the same sounds. That is, unless you downloaded some edited version that had all the sounds. If you're unhappy with the sounds, I'll e-mail you all I have. Two-thirds, however, are what Mongo used. I think you're jumping to conclusions without truely trying it out. Sounds don't have to be drastically different if it's the same character. Taunts, yes, but most things else? No.
  16. I disagree. It's not a waste of space, it gives a bit more variety differing between normal Homer and Cel-shaded Homer. Besides, those are the sounds I gave him you're talking about. Well, people have their moments of error and I admit this was.
  17. Here's another view Mongo: Just because someone already did it doesen't mean you can. The more variety, the better. If there are two homer models, people have a choice!
  18. Didn't he cease doing Homer himself? So no progress was recently done. Please Mongo, continue! Go finish it, we desperately need a Homer model of our own while the UT guys and Quake guys celebrate their own!
  19. No. There's another Samurai model made by two other people, and it's going to be released this weekend. Not to be confused with this good model.
  20. Maybe you can ask Shady-D? He and Jimesu are finishing up the second version of their Samurai model.
  21. Heh, I hope you upload it to PCGameMods.com first, I consider it a better site. It's a wonderful model. I can't wait to see it released.
  22. Why not dish out money to buy it or something? *shrug* Or is it like the same situation I'm facing (lack of money at the moment)?
  23. Not meaning to sound impatient but... Any updates? *shrug*
  24. Originally I thought this thread was dying along with AotC: TC as I figured this Obi-Wan was for AotC: TC and might not be released at all, which would've been a pity. But as I browse now, I'm confused as to its status... But nevertheless, good job Hapslash and Aaron, and others who've worked on it thus far. *shrug*
  25. I always thought Mitsurugi from SCII would be real good and real fitting for sounds for this model. In fact, I've been searching for some anyway for the old models... Albeit, futilly. *shrug* How much are you planning on with sounds? I think you can have like up to three anger sounds, three deflect, victory, taunt, etc. *shrug* At least when dueling (in dueling gametype obviously), you'd be taunting more with different sounds other than the same taunt. Good job on the new models by the way. I'm looking forward to when they're completed. Nothing sounds more "intimidating" (if such a thing exists in a game) than Toshiyuki Morikawa's voice (he voiced Mitsurugi in the SC games incase anyone didn't know) in a Samurai model when going head-to-head against another guy in Pajamas (Reborn).
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